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Based in Henley-in-Arden, Warwickshire, we specialise in the latest non-surgical treatments and we are the only clinic in the Midlands to offer CoolSculpting.

Look good on the outside, feel great on the inside

Most of us have something we would like to improve but would never consider surgery to do so.

Our fresh and friendly approach to aesthetics goes hand in hand with the outstanding level of care and expertise provided by Dr Claire Oliver (BDS) and her talented team.

At Air Aesthetics Clinic we ensure our clients feel happy and confident about the way they look.

We are confident in the results from all of our non-surgical treatments and guarantee you will be too.

Contact the Clinic today and start your journey.

Dr Claire Oliver (BDS)“I am committed to natural looking results. I firmly believe that very few people require invasive surgery.

Advances in today's products and techniques can enhance your appearance yet allow you to look fresh and natural remaining true to yourself.”

Dr Claire Oliver (BDS)
Dr Claire Oliver (BDS)

Reduce Stubborn Fat: Simply, Easily, Naturally

CoolSculpting® (Cryolipolisis) is the only FDA approved non-surgical treatment that permanently reduces stubborn areas of fat by up to 40%.

No needles, no surgery, no downtime. CoolSculpting® is safe, easy and painless that delivers incredible, permanent results in just one treatment.

Successfully Sculpting The Midlands

Air Aesthetics Clinic is the only clinic in Central England to offer this ground-breaking treatment. The first accredited practitioner to train in both the UK and USA, Dr Claire Oliver takes a fresh and modern approach to body sculpting, achieving the accolade of second highest treating clinic in UK & fourth in Europe in just six months.

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“Multi-award winning non-surgical clinics in Warwickshire and West Midlands”

Ultherapy is the only treatment in the world
to lift your skin at the foundation layer,
the area where plastic surgeons operate
to undertake cosmetic surgery

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Non-invasive fat reduction for under the chin

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Air Aesthetics Clinic is a state-of-the-art clinic
delivering award winning customer service.

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Discover CoolSculpting®

A safe, effective and easy treatment to
permanently reduce targeted fat deposits such
as love handles, bingo wings & wobbly tummies.

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The first and only non-surgical treatment clinically
proven to reduce fat of the outer thighs has
arrived at Air Aesthetics Clinic.

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A little something extra for your wedding day

With all eyes on you, and cameras flashing left, right and centre, you want to look your very best on your big day. Of course, getting your hair and make-up perfect is essential, but for you and your wedding party, a little something extra can make all the difference. Here is my advic
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Safety First!! Considering treatment?. In light of recent press revelations the government has done little to offer guidance to protect those who may be seeking non-surgical cosmetic treatments. This leaves the consumer unsure about who to choose and how to keep safe. My advise is to
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Is It Wrinkles That Age You?

While the whole world expects it’s wrinkles that age you, it’s actually your face shape that’s making you look older.’ advises Dr Claire Oliver(BDS), Medical Director of multi-award winning Air Aesthetics Clinic. She explains why: “The first thing that our mind asses
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Why Choose Anti Wrinkle Injections

As many of you know combating the signs of ageing on you face can be hard and makes many of you consider ways of banishing those wrinkles. One of the most popular forms of anti-ageing treatments on the market are anti wrinkle injections such as Botox. Anti wrinkle injections are a non
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Ultherapy, a celebrity favourite…..the latest treatment to arrive in the clinic!!

What if we told you how to turn back the clock, get great looking skin and how to avoid a surgeon’s knife? Ultherapy is an innovative, skin-lifting treatment which works at the skin’s foundational layer, the area where plastic surgeons work to perform a face lift. But rather than surg
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Remote Prescribing and Beauty Therapists that are flouting the rules by offering cut price Botox treatments

As a facial aesthetic practitioner with over 16 years clinical experience in this industry it still shocks me when I have to read articles such as the one below that featured in Saturday’s Times Newspaper. My advise would be simply not to take risks with your health, don’t allow anyon
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Sweating….a thing of the past!!

When talking to clients one of the most embarrassing subjects they find to discuss with me is excessive sweating. Our bodies naturally produce sweat to regulate our temperature every day, and it’s usually nothing a bit of deodorant can’t fix. But if you’re one of the people who have t
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Face Lifts…..Surgical or Non-Surgical What are the options?

People consider having a facelift for many different reasons – don’t worry, you are not alone! On the contrary, this type of surgery has now become commonplace in the UK. Many people say that they are looking tired, or are beginning to look like their mother. Others say that the
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CoolSculpting The Facts

Non-invasive, permanent fat reduction treatment. 1.Reduces stubborn areas of fat by up to 40% in one treatment. 2.No needles, No pain, No Downtime. 3.Only Cryolypolisis treatment to be FDA cleared so you can rest assured that CoolSculpting is safe, effective and delivers results. 4.Wi
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Medical Experts Warn of Dangers of Human Growth Hormones in Anti-Ageing

Human growth hormone has become the latest fad amongst dozens of ageing celebrities in Hollywood who are desperate to look young. Well known actors and household names are paying $240 a time to inject their bodies with chemicals they have dubbed ‘a fountain of youth in a syringe’
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We asked Dr Claire Oliver…..How Do You Repair Sun Damaged Skin?

If you have melasma or sun damage, the first thing we need to do is prevent any further damage. I recommend to my clients to limit their exposure to sunlight, especially between the hours of 10 a.m. and 2 p.m., when the sun’s rays are most intense. Wear a large hat and use a sunscreen
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Are stem-cell creams your skin’s future?

Just wanted to share with you this great article which was featured in Vogue March 2014 Nicola Moulton lifts the lid on the new skincare obsession If there’s one thing we know about the skincare industry it’s that it loves to seize upon a brave new world. And they don’t come much brav
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Everyone Loves A Good Spring Clean

Just as winter clothes are no longer suitable to wear in spring, it is important that we change our skincare and make-up with the seasons too. Refresh and Perfect your Make-up Bag with Youngblood Mineral Cosmetics Many people hang onto make-up items for far too long. Sara Prue, Head o
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Which aesthetic treatments can I give as a Valentine’s Day gift without offending her?

When the topic of Valentine’s gifts come up in conversation men think about the cost of restaurants, flowers, chocolates, sexy underwear …where as we ladies would prefer dermal fillers or a skin peel. Can this really be true? Could the notion of romance now mean the gift of yout
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Dr Claire Oliver’s 5 Steps to Incredible Looking Skin

Every year, we make a list of wildly ambitious New Year’s resolutions. While 2015 will probably not be the year we become triathlon competitors, we’re making one vow this season that won’t expire come January 2: to take better care of our skin. Dr Claire Oliver (BDS) advises “Adopt fi
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Autumn – It’s Time To Introduce Yourself To Our New ZO Skincare Range

It’s not just your wardrobe that needs upgrading to suit the new season – your skin needs some TLC too! As the days grow shorter, the temperatures drop, and the air becomes drier, your skin may lose precious moisture. Autumn is a time of transition, and the best autumn ski
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Top 10 reasons to try a Hydrafacial Today!

HydraFacial is the only hydra-dermabrasion procedure that combines cleansing, exfoliation, extraction, hydration and antioxidant protection in one treatment resulting in instant, visible skin refinement, hydration and radiant skin tone without downtime. Clinically proven to improve th
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Protect your skin from UV and ageing damage with the clincally proven Heliocare

Whilst sunlight is essential for life, over-exposure and lack of protection from it is the greatest challenge facing our skin. For many of us we’re seeing those sun-worshipping sessions of our youth taking their toll on our skin, it’s time for action. Dr Claire Oliver (BDS) recommends
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Sculpt Your Summer Body

Smoothing out lumps and bumps without surgery – sounds too good to be true, right? But that’s exactly what CoolSculpting delivers ? You can be treated with the CoolSculpting technology on practically any part of the body – podgy thighs, plump flanks and stubborn paunches. So this summ
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Why French women look younger than their British Counterparts??

First we were told that French women didn’t get fat and now we’re being told that they don’t age as fast as us either. Studies have revealed that by the time we reach 40, a French woman looks some seven years younger than her British equivalent. 89% of women, all British, asked in the
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Fat reduction treatments are the new kids on the block

The soaring interest and celebrity endorsement of cosmetic treatments described as non-surgical procedures is nothing short of phenomenal. These are the treatments which don’t involve taking a scalpel to the skin and have become popular as the industry reinvents itself to meet demands
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Daily Mail reports on why women must avoid cosmetic surgery cowboys

Recent press revelations regarding cosmetic surgery cowboys seem to be appearing in the national press almost daily at the moment. One incident refers to a treatment carried out by a trained hairdresser whose patient suffered serious burns akin to frostbite after having a botched and
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Air Aesthetics Clinic Opens New Clinic

Last week on a wet and windy evening we were delighted to host our official opening with our specially invited guests which included regular clients and local media representatives. We were especially pleased to be joined by Suzanne Virdee for the evening and she officially cut the ri
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Why are more women than ever having plastic surgery?

An article featured in Monday’s Daily Mail tells us that more women than ever before are having plastic surgery. Plastic surgeons say they believe that with the economy improving in this country people more and more of us will be inclined to splash out on expensive procedures. More th
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Air Aesthetics Clinic Scoops Top Customer Service Award

The Air Aesthetics Clinic of Solihull was awarded a top industry customer service award this week, based on feedback from customers over a twelve month period.  Only clinics that have an excellent record of service and superior satisfaction record are awarded the annual
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CoolSculpting Wins Best Non Surgical Makeover

Dr Claire Oliver and Melanie Johnston of CoolSculpting celebrate in style as CoolSculpting wins Best Non Surgical Makeover 2012 in London this week. MyFaceMyBody Awards Coolsculpting® by ZELTIQ ‘BEST NON SURGICAL MAKEOVER’   Over 12,500 consumers voted for their favourite brands
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Dr Claire Oliver and Nicky Hambleton-Jones Appear Live on National Radio to Promote CoolSculpting

Henley in Arden’s very own Dr Claire Oliver became a radio star overnight when she joined Nicky Hambleton-Jones live on national radio to answer questions on CoolSculpting. Nicky, the South African stylist found fame in the UK as presenter of the hit television show, ‘10 Years Younger
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The 5 Steps to Skin Health

1. Protection, Protection, Protection Becoming sun-wise by using a broad spectrum sun protection cream and staying out of the Sun between 12-3pm, protect against UVA & UVB, UVA Rays age & UVB Rays burn. Remember the higher the SPF the higher the chemicals, look out for Titaniu
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4 Things to Know about the Obagi Elastiderm Eye Cream

For centuries now, the search for the fountain of youth has been deemed futile. Although this is now regarded as a myth, the urgent desire to look younger for a longer period of time is undoubtedly increasing. While countless products have been introduced to delay aging even just for
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Tooth whitening – dentists versus non-dentists – what does the law say?

The tooth-whitening situation is confusing for Dentists let alone the general public. Is it legal? Can non-dentists provide it? What concentration is safe/legal? When properly used by a dental professional, bleaching of vital teeth is extremely safe, but risks to teeth and adjacent ti
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Treatment Clowns and the Risk of Using Unqualified Practitioners

Currently treatments for line and wrinkles can be carried out anywhere by anyone with training in giving injections. Podiatrists, physiotherapists and veterinary surgeons have all enquired about injecting the toxin for cosmetic reasons and in fact anyone could set up shop offering jab
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My cosmetic journey with Air Aesthetics Clinic

Hi, my name is Jayne Meehan and I am writing to tell you about my unique skin care program. I have been a patient of Dr Claire Oliver for almost eight months now and would like to share my cosmetic journey with you! It started in June last year when I was feeling particularly miserabl
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Lip Service – What happened to Leslie Ash?

Let’s face it there are a lot of celebrities out there that give this industry a bad name. The problem is that we can all too easily spot those that have ‘over done it’ but not the individuals that have maintained their looks subtlety and enhanced rather than disfigured themselves. Di
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Festive overindulgence? Time to re-hydrate your skin

If you’re anything like me, you’ve probably thought ‘Ah, go on…it is Christmas!’ more than once over the last couple of weeks. And that’s fine in the short-term, but when it comes to ageing we unfortunately can’t get away with it for long if we want to avoid looking like a saggy old h
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What is JUVEDERM®?

JUVEDERM® is my dermal filler of choice because it quite simply smoothes away lines & wrinkles and restores lost volume in any region of the face instantly.With just one treatment, you can achieve a fresh and natural-looking result that usually lasts at least a year. What I like e
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Painless and takes less than 5 minutes – It’s baby Botox

Hi everyone, hope you’re all well! Time for another blog… This week it’s ‘Baby Botox’! Easy and painless, it takes 5 minutes and there is no downtime. Gone are the days of the frozen/surprised Botox look thankfully. The latest techniques are extremely effective and the recent trend ha
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Trying to get into this blogging thing!

Hello everyone, welcome to my first blog. Now I must admit I am a bit of a novice when it come to this ‘blogging ‘thing. My website guy, Simon at Punch iD, (the very clever man who created my new amazing website) did have to explain to me what it involved. So here goes…. I truly do lo
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