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 Most of us have something that we’d like to improve, but few of us really know how to go about it and what’s involved.  That’s where we come in.  You are welcome to visit one of our clinics, book a free, no obligation consultation and find out more about your aesthetic treatment options.

Reducing Stubborn Fat

Freeze away fat cells with our CoolSculpting® treatment. Looking for a quicker way to enhance your body shape? want to get rid of stubborn fat? Or do you simply want to look and feel comfortable in your clothes again?



CoolSculpting® is the number one non-invasive fat-reduction treatment. No surgery is required and minimal time to get those results. It's an innovative way to contour your body by freezing unwanted fat. Book your session today.

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Rebuilding Collagen with Hydrafacial

Is a medical-grade hydradermabrasion device that carries out a three-stage regimen involving cleansing, exfoliating, and then infusing the skin with intensive serums.

Red Carpet Facial

Rather than just blasting the skin, this newer gentle approach vacuums out pores whilst simultaneously pushing in potent actives which all help in moisturising, brightening and plumping the skin offering a level of protection.

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Minimising Fine Lines & Wrinkles

Restore a youthful, masculine aesthetic obliterating wrinkles and lines quickly and effectively

Anti-Wrinke injections

Eliminate ageing and improve your self-confidence with minimal effort and no downtime for long-lasting results.

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Hair Clinic

We offer bespoke, non-surgical solutions to deal with hair loss and hair removal using the most innovative and effective treatments to provide outstanding results.

Hair Removal

Are you bothered about unsightly facial and body hair?. We deliver amazing long lasting results quickly, with multi-award winning lasers. Book now in time for hair free skin this summer!

Eye Treatments

William Shakespeare once said “The eyes are the windows to your soul”  For many of us crepey, loose skin around the eyes make us look tired and feel older than we actual feel. Book now to discuss the wide range of non-surgical treatments available.

Plexr Eye treatment

Award winning Plexr uses plasma technology to shrink and retract loose skin on the upper and lower lids, and around the eye area. Truly revolutionary it leaves a tighter fresher looking eye with results lasting on average 5 years.

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Facial Fillers

Revitalise and refresh your face with long-lasting, natural-looking results

Facial Fillers treatment

Add volume to cheekbones, reduce wrinkles, lines and under-eye circles, plump lips and lift eyebrows for a new youthful appearance.

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Skin lifting with Ultherapy

Tighten and firm the skin around the chin and reduce jowls to restore a sharper, more masculine jawline

Skin lifting with Ultherapy

Tighten and firm the skin around the chin and reduce jowls to restore a sharper, more masculine jawline

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Tackling Cellulite

You really don’t have to live with cellulite and our handpicked treatments will give you the long-lasting results your after.


Cellfina is the only treatment in the world proven to reduce dimpled cellulite. Results are seen within 14 days and once treated are gone for good. Typical areas for treatment are legs and bottom.

Menopause & Wellness

Menopause is an entirely natural part of ageing that all women experience. Allow us to support you through your menopause.

Menopause & Wellness

Feel re-energised with our 8-week menopause package which includes hormone diagnostic tests, nutrition and natural pharmacy programs, coaching and self-care protocols and the option for a Bio-Identical Hormone Treatment.

Looking Good and Feeling Great!

I’m Dr Claire Oliver, Clinical Director at Air Aesthetics. For many years I’ve believed that healthy skin really is at the heart of looking good and feeling great and with over 20 years’ experience in the industry I remain passionate about healthy skin and its rejuvenation. My team and I firmly believe that you should be able to safely enhance your appearance to look fresh and natural whilst remaining true to yourself and to that end we have sought out the very best treatments to offer to our patients.

At Air Aesthetics our ethos is to take a totally holistic approach to each patient we work with, and our commitment is to ensure that every one of our patients leaves us feeling happy and confident about the way they look.

We are nationally recognised as being experts in the aesthetic treatments we provide and our clinics are recognised as being Lead Clinics in the West Midlands. Our work has been recognised through prestigious, national, industry awards including The Safety in Beauty Diamond Awards and the Aesthetics Awards.

To find out more about us, the aesthetic treatments we and how we can help you achieve the results you’re after call us today and arrange a complimentary consultation with me.

Dr Claire Oliver (BDS)

The Best Version Of You

At Air Aesthetics we’re committed to working with our patients holistically and in achieving natural-looking results. We want you to leave us looking fresher and the very best version of you.

In our relaxed and friendly clinics, we provide, outstanding levels of patient care and expertise and our maxim really is ‘Natural-Looking Results; A Fresher Looking You’. We insist on using only the highest quality products and aesthetic treatments available, and all our treatments are FDA approved (USA Food & Drug Administration). For you, our patient, that means that you can be confident of long-term results.

Our biggest source of new patients continues to be through personal recommendation and referral, and our retention rate stands at an industry-leading 97%.

We offer free consultations where we listen to what you’re looking to achieve and then share our advice and experience accordingly. We very much hope to have the opportunity to meet you and to welcoming you to Air Aesthetics.

We encourage our patients to research us and the aesthetic treatments we offer. We invite questions and are happy to share our qualifications, training and experience with any of our patients. We do this because we believe that it’s vitally important that patients know we are a reputable, medically-led clinic and that they are in safe hands. For us it’s about giving our patients all the information they need to empower them to make decisions about how they look, how to choose the right treatment, the right clinic and the right practitioner.

If you are considering an aesthetic treatment:

DO ask to see before and after photos of patients, your practitioner has treated themselves and make sure the results are in keeping with what you want to achieve.

DON’T be tempted by an offer or a cheaper price. A cheaper price can often mean that the person carrying out the treatment is unqualified and that the treatment will take place in a non-medical environment or, indeed, the treatment will not be FDA-cleared or will use low-quality products.

As a clinic, we are so passionate about safety in beauty that we support and recommend ‘The Safety in Beauty Campaign’ which is seeking to raise standards across our industry. You can find out more by visiting

EMSculpt has defined my abs achieving helped me overcome my workout plateau and achieve the sculpted shape I was looking for.


I was carrying some weight and wanted to reduce some fat and strengthen my core. Reuslts have exceeded my expectations and finally some abs are starting to show.


EMSculpt helped me overcome my workout plateau and achieve the flat tummy I was hoping for.


I was impressed that even with the very little I work out, and the pasta dinners I indulged in, I was still able to see results.


My stomach area was tighter and more toned than it had ever been in my life


Safety In Beauty

When you make the decision to have cosmetic surgery or a non-surgical aesthetic treatment it’s an incredibly personal decision and one, we believe, that shouldn’t be taken lightly.

At Air Aesthetics our main aim is always to help our patients overcome any insecurities they have about themselves and to restore their confidence and self-esteem. We do that by offering a totally holistic approach to treatment; a bespoke service and experience that matches each patient’s exact requirements.

We pride ourselves on educating and sharing our expertise at every opportunity. We offer free initial consultations, we host ladies evenings for patients’ friends and colleagues, and we host regional seminars of leading industry experts. This combined with our ongoing training and development has ensured that Air Aesthetics are seen as industry experts and have gained Lead Clinic status in the West Midlands.