When the topic of Valentine’s gifts come up in conversation men think about the cost of restaurants, flowers, chocolates, sexy underwear …where as we ladies would prefer dermal fillers or a skin peel.

Can this really be true? Could the notion of romance now mean the gift of youthful rejuvenated skin or confidence at enhancing your god given good looks?

It would be nice for your loved one to invest in keeping you looking lovely, and sort of share the burden. So, if you are absolutely set on giving non-surgical treatments as a gift then please listen to these 3 golden rules:

1. Make sure it’s a treatment they have already had and liked the results.

2. Ideally it should be a course of treatments that you have already regularly undergone with a qualified experienced cosmetic nurse doctor or surgeon.

3. If you do decided to surprise them with a treatment they haven’t tried as the gifter you must do your research, nothing worse than a gift going sour.