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How To Choose A Non-Surgical Aesthetics Clinic

Customer satisfaction and safety is paramount in any medical / clinical interaction. Unfortunately in an unregulated industry we hear more and more of cases where this is not the case. Thorough research is paramount and in light of the recent High Court case of Giles versus Chambers, the client successfully claimed against an over-aggressive [...]

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Real Guide To Botox and Fillers

Thought about having Botox or fillers but felt worried about looking unnatural? Dr Claire Oliver has always believed in a natural look to ageing with injectibles.   “Will I still be able to move my face?”, is the most frequent question I am asked by first time clients, as I begin administering their first Botox and dermal filler. This [...]

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Sweating is perfectly normal. It’s our body’s way of cooling us down. When we're hot – either through heat or sport – we sweat; that moisture evaporates and helps us to maintain a healthy temperature. It's also totally normal for us to sweat when we’re nervous because emotions can affect the sweat glands. However, for [...]

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QUESTIONS TO ASK AND THE NON-SURGICAL ALTERNATIVES by Dr Claire Oliver Revelations from A-list celebrities openly confessing to the odd nip or tuck could be one of the drivers for increased acceptance and de-stigmatising of aesthetics enhancement. So its no surprise to read a record number of Britions underwent cosmetic surgery in 2015, demonstrating the publics [...]

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Beverly Hills Favourite Dr Zein Obagi Advises How To Look After Your Skin This Winter

We all know we shouldn't be lazy with our skincare during winter, yet every year when the colder months come around, the exfoliating and cleansing regime that we were so dedicated to during the summer months seems to gradually come to a halt. Our skin begins to dry out as the central heating is switched [...]

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How To Flourish In Your Fifties And Age Gracefully

We're more health-conscious than ever, and as a result of this fifty is no longer considered 'over the hill'. With fantastic role models such as Julianne Moore, Elle McPherson, Michelle Obama and Courtney Cox (who are all aged fifty plus), these days there really is no excuse for hitting fifty and letting it all go. [...]

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How To Choose A Non-Surgical Aesthetics Clinic

Safety First!! Considering treatment?. In light of recent press revelations the government has done little to offer guidance to protect those who may be seeking non-surgical cosmetic treatments. This leaves the consumer unsure about who to choose and how to keep safe. My advise is to research thoroughly the credentials of a clinic and it’s [...]

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