Anti-Wrinkle Injections

Best Solutions To Getting Rid Of Unwanted Wrinkles

Get Rid Of Unwanted Wrinkles The best solutions for wrinkles and fine lines are those which go deeper than the skin. A professional in a Botox clinic should be able to help you with that. Methods such as face lifting and wrinkle injections should come in handy. These are discussed in details below: Face Tightening  [...]

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Why Choose Anti Wrinkle Injections

As many of you know combating the signs of ageing on you face can be hard and makes many of you consider ways of banishing those wrinkles. One of the most popular forms of anti-ageing treatments on the market are anti wrinkle injections such as Botox. Anti wrinkle injections are a non-surgical cosmetic injectable that [...]

Which aesthetic treatments can I give as a Valentine’s Day gift without offending her?

When the topic of Valentine's gifts come up in conversation men think about the cost of restaurants, flowers, chocolates, sexy underwear …where as we ladies would prefer dermal fillers or a skin peel. Can this really be true? Could the notion of romance now mean the gift of youthful rejuvenated skin or confidence at enhancing [...]

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Dr Claire Oliver’s 5 Steps to Incredible Looking Skin

Every year, we make a list of wildly ambitious New Year’s resolutions. While 2015 will probably not be the year we become triathlon competitors, we’re making one vow this season that won’t expire come January 2: to take better care of our skin. Dr Claire Oliver (BDS) advises “Adopt five simple changes and in less [...]

Why French women look younger than their British Counterparts??

First we were told that French women didn’t get fat and now we’re being told that they don’t age as fast as us either. Studies have revealed that by the time we reach 40, a French woman looks some seven years younger than her British equivalent. 89% of women, all British, asked in the survey [...]

Treatment Clowns and the Risk of Using Unqualified Practitioners

Currently treatments for line and wrinkles can be carried out anywhere by anyone with training in giving injections. Podiatrists, physiotherapists and veterinary surgeons have all enquired about injecting the toxin for cosmetic reasons and in fact anyone could set up shop offering jabs. The anti-wrinkle treatment is becoming increasingly popular, especially in London. Over 100,000 [...]

My cosmetic journey with Air Aesthetics Clinic

Hi, my name is Jayne Meehan and I am writing to tell you about my unique skin care program. I have been a patient of Dr Claire Oliver for almost eight months now and would like to share my cosmetic journey with you! It started in June last year when I was feeling particularly miserable [...]

Painless and takes less than 5 minutes – It’s baby Botox

Hi everyone, hope you’re all well! Time for another blog… This week it’s ‘Baby Botox’! Easy and painless, it takes 5 minutes and there is no downtime. Gone are the days of the frozen/surprised Botox look thankfully. The latest techniques are extremely effective and the recent trend has definitely moved towards a more natural result [...]

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