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Air Aesthetics Celebrating Royal Ascot Ladies Day

Air Aesthetics, the multi-award winning non-surgical aesthetics clinics, are sponsoring the Royal Ascot Ladies Day Experience in support of Variety, The Children’s Charity and the Norman Laud Association. Royal Ascot Ladies Day is one of the most glamorous events in the social calendar and this event will be no different. Offering the perfect opportunity to [...]

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Superdrug offers Botox on the high street, good or bad idea?

SOURCE: by Antonia Mariconda Medical aesthetic industry professionals express concerns that Superdrug is now offering in-store injectable treatments. On August 15, Superdrug announced that they had partnered with Allergan: a pharmaceutical company, best known for supplying the trademarked Botox™ brand on a global basis. The partnership declared that it would offer members of the [...]

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Why Sugar is Bad for Your Skin – From Acne to Wrinkles!

SOURCE: Total Dermatology SEE ALSO: UK’s 10-year-olds have consumed 18 years’ worth of sugar Sugar is not good for your skin. And it’s not just sugar, but also high-glycemic foods which quickly convert to sugar. This, in turn, raises insulin levels and puts unnatural demands on your body to deal with the food you just [...]

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UK’s 10-year-olds have consumed 18 years’ worth of sugar

SOURCE: Food Matters Live Children have already exceeded the maximum recommended sugar intake for an 18 year old by the time they reach their tenth birthday, according to Public Health England (PHE). This is based on their total sugar consumption from the age of 2. This figure comes as a new Change4Life campaign launched yesterday [...]

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Why I Chose Some Simple ‘Tweakments’

We spoke to Charlotte Wakefield, 33, to find out why she decided that facial fillers were right for her… It’s fair to say that most A-list celebrities have dabbled with a bit of cosmetic enhancement. But subtly boosting our natural beauty is fast becoming the norm for many women. Known as ‘tweakments’, these enhancements are much less [...]

Ensuring Skin Safety in the Sun

Undoubtedly the sun has an uplifting effect on our mood, but excessive exposure can be very harmful. Damaging UV rays have both short and long-term consequences, leading to premature ageing and, most dramatically, skin cancer. Aesthetics expert DR CLAIRE OLIVER looks at how to ensure you protect your skin. If you’ve ever had a facial [...]

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How To Choose A Non-Surgical Aesthetics Clinic

Customer satisfaction and safety is paramount in any medical / clinical interaction. Unfortunately in an unregulated industry we hear more and more of cases where this is not the case. Thorough research is paramount and in light of the recent High Court case of Giles versus Chambers, the client successfully claimed against an over-aggressive [...]

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Sweating is perfectly normal. It’s our body’s way of cooling us down. When we're hot – either through heat or sport – we sweat; that moisture evaporates and helps us to maintain a healthy temperature. It's also totally normal for us to sweat when we’re nervous because emotions can affect the sweat glands. However, for [...]

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Beverly Hills Favourite Dr Zein Obagi Advises How To Look After Your Skin This Winter

We all know we shouldn't be lazy with our skincare during winter, yet every year when the colder months come around, the exfoliating and cleansing regime that we were so dedicated to during the summer months seems to gradually come to a halt. Our skin begins to dry out as the central heating is switched [...]

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How To Choose A Non-Surgical Aesthetics Clinic

Safety First!! Considering treatment?. In light of recent press revelations the government has done little to offer guidance to protect those who may be seeking non-surgical cosmetic treatments. This leaves the consumer unsure about who to choose and how to keep safe. My advise is to research thoroughly the credentials of a clinic and it’s [...]

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