Why I Chose Some Simple ‘Tweakments’

We spoke to Charlotte Wakefield, 33, to find out why she decided that facial fillers were right for her… It’s fair to say that most A-list celebrities have dabbled with a bit of cosmetic enhancement. But subtly boosting our natural beauty is fast becoming the norm for many women. Known as ‘tweakments’, these enhancements are much less [...]

So what’s it really like to have FACIAL FILLER ?

Curious about cosmetic procedures? Discover what it’s really like to have one with our first-hand account of JUVÉDERM® filler treatment. Do you have questions about facial fillers? Whether you’re clued up and planning a consultation or merely curious to know more, this is a real talking point in beauty right now. Women want to know [...]

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Everyone Loves A Good Spring Clean

Just as winter clothes are no longer suitable to wear in spring, it is important that we change our skincare and make-up with the seasons too. Refresh and Perfect your Make-up Bag with Youngblood Mineral Cosmetics Many people hang onto make-up items for far too long. Sara Prue, Head of Training for Youngblood Mineral Cosmetics [...]

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Dr Claire Oliver’s 5 Steps to Incredible Looking Skin

Every year, we make a list of wildly ambitious New Year’s resolutions. While 2015 will probably not be the year we become triathlon competitors, we’re making one vow this season that won’t expire come January 2: to take better care of our skin. Dr Claire Oliver (BDS) advises “Adopt five simple changes and in less [...]

Protect your skin from UV and ageing damage with the clincally proven Heliocare

Whilst sunlight is essential for life, over-exposure and lack of protection from it is the greatest challenge facing our skin. For many of us we’re seeing those sun-worshipping sessions of our youth taking their toll on our skin, it’s time for action. Dr Claire Oliver (BDS) recommends an advanced sun protection range, Heliocare to target [...]

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Why French women look younger than their British Counterparts??

First we were told that French women didn’t get fat and now we’re being told that they don’t age as fast as us either. Studies have revealed that by the time we reach 40, a French woman looks some seven years younger than her British equivalent. 89% of women, all British, asked in the survey [...]

The 5 Steps to Skin Health

1. Protection, Protection, Protection Becoming sun-wise by using a broad spectrum sun protection cream and staying out of the Sun between 12-3pm, protect against UVA & UVB, UVA Rays age & UVB Rays burn. Remember the higher the SPF the higher the chemicals, look out for Titanium Dioxide a natural ingredient & remember to re-apply. 2. Don't [...]

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