How To Decide When Cosmetic Surgery Is The Best Solution?

There are occasions when only surgical treatment can deliver the results you are aiming to achieve. During your consultation Dr Oliver will provide a clear indication as to the results achievable with both non-surgical and surgical treatments.

Should you wish to explore a surgical option, the Air Aesthetics Clinics have developed a close integration with a small, select group of Cosmetic Surgeons, Consultants Doctors and Nurses. Procedures range from minor cosmetic skin surgery to breast surgery, body contouring, eye, nose and facial surgery and hair augmentation.

Our partners’ reflect our vision and ethos and are leaders in their respective fields.  All are CQC registered and follow GMC guidelines for Cosmetic Practice.

Sue Harbour, Clinic Co-Ordinator will arrange your surgical consultation and support you throughout your experience.

Julia Sen
Julia SenConsultant Ophthalmic and Oculoplastic Surgeon, Optegra Eye Hospital Birmingham


  • MB ChB
  • MRCOphth
  • FRCSEd(Ophth)


  • Cosmetic
  • Lacrimal
Dr Sam Van Eeden
Dr Sam Van EedenHair Loss Restoration and Scalp Micro Pigmentation Treatments


  • MB ChB
  • BMedSci
  • ABHRS / IBHRS qualified


  • FUE Hair Restoration Surgery
Jonathon Staiano
Jonathon StaianoConsultant Plastic Surgeon specialising in cosmetic breast surgery and body contouring


  • BSC
  • MBBS
  • MSC
  • FRCS (ENG)


  • Cosmetic breast surgery and body contouring

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Julia Sen Testimonials

I would recommend Optegra 100%. From the very first consultation to post op care I can honestly say I experienced first class service are all the way.
From consultant to admin each person treat me as an individual, I found their professional manner reassuring in what for me was a life changing experience.

In terms of the operation I was informed of the process and expectations along the way. My experience was positive from start to finish.

M. Gibson, Eye Treatment
Care was taken to find out what outcome was desired and details about possible side effects of the treatment were carefully explained. I was invited to ask questions at each stage of the consultation and care was also given to explain the details of the procedures involved in the treatment. Treatment was excellent in every respect.
C. Abbott, Eye Treatment

Jonathon Staiano Testimonials

I’m so happy I went to Mr Staiano for my surgery, I can’t imagine any other surgeon could have treated me better or given me better results.
JH, Breast Enlargement
Fantastic treatment from start to end. It had been a pleasure. I had waited for this for several years, I finally plucked up the courage to have it done and the results are phenomenal. Thank you Jonathon for changing my life for the better!
Client, Breast Enlargement

Dr Sam Van Eeden Testimonials

I had a FUE hair transplant in the HR Institute with Dr. van Eeden and his team.

I decided to have a hair transplant, as every time I passed a mirror I would notice more and more hair loss. I was looking older than I actually was. I was 27 looking like a 40 year old. I was in a serious relationship, so it wasn’t about feeling attractive to potential partners, this was for me, I wanted to be able to look in the mirror and not feel old.

When I first decided to get the treatment I wanted to keep it quiet, I felt I didn’t want mates to know, but after I got it done, I was so impressed with the results and how the clinic treated me I decided not to keep it a secret. I not only told friends, I recommended them to go to the clinic themselves. In fact due to the change in my confidence I would actively encourage anyone experiencing hair-loss to seek out Dr. van Eeden.

Some of my friends questioned the price, but for me it was great value. I know hearing the figures mentioned around hair transplants can sound scary, but if you think about the cost of a holiday or new car then it equates quite well. No holiday for 2 years or be bald for rest of your life, for me wasn’t really a hard choice.

I had extensively researched all clinics in Ireland (I did not fancy traveling abroad for such an important treatment), I sent emails to all clinics as I wanted to ensure I had sufficient information before making my decision. I decided to go onto hair-loss forums, and one thing from all the sites that rang clear was MAKE SURE THE SURGEON IS ABHRS APPROVED. ABHRS (American Board of Hair Restoration Surgery) were the main authority in the hair restoration industry at the time. Where for a surgeon to be recommended they had to pass certain quality tests & actual exams. Dr van Eeden was the only Irish surgeon on the list so for me it was an easy decision. I didn’t want to take a risk with a non approved surgeon, no matter how many celebrity endorsements or how flashy their adverts were.

I made a consultation appointment and travelled down. I was a little apprehensive at the start, this is a major decision and I was nervous. I had only told my parents and partner as I wanted to keep the procedure to myself. When I arrived, I was impressed by the clinic, from the waiting room to the reception, the place was immaculately clean & the decor was beautiful. The friendly receptionist asked me to take a seat in the waiting room, and not long after I was introduced to the head surgeon himself. Dr. van Eeden put my nerves aside straight away, a hearty handshake and a friendly greeting where just what I needed We went into a private room, where we discussed what I wanted from a hair transplant & my medical history. We then went into a treatment room, where Dr. van Eeden used a special microscope to look at my scalp in depth. He was able to tell me how many follicles I would need and the state of my hair-loss. I was shown lots of images of past clients and more importantly I was given the contact details of past clients whom I could get in touch with to find how they felt the treatment went.

The day of the treatment I was greeted by Dr. van Eeden and his head technician. The Dr. & I had a final consultation, where he went over everything involved in the procedure. I signed the forms, went into the surgical theatre and was given a light sedative. I don’t remember much from the day of the procedure, bar being woken up for a tasty lunch, and then watching a movie on the big screen. I remember being surprised by the amount of staff working, how professional they all were and the overwhelming friendliness of everyone, it was like I was priority number one and all my needs were met.

Client, FUE Hair Transplant
I was 25 when my hair started thinning at the back. I started using regaine, but I wasn’t comfortable using those chemicals in the long term. All my hair fell out in 2009 when I got sick, so I wanted to do something about it. My confidence started to drop; I was younger, so I was more stressed about it and very self-conscious in case anyone would say something. I decided to get a hair transplant after the hair fell out. It was stressful because it all happened so quickly, so I wasn’t comfortable just shaving my head. I made the decision to go ahead after meeting Dr. Van Eeden and his team, as I trusted them.
I was 36 when I went through with the transplant. It was worth the money both personally and financially, as it’s a permanent solution to hair loss and doesn’t involve time consuming or costly maintenance or products. My confidence improved because I know it’s permanent and it looks completely natural. The quality of what I have had done is excellent. I would like it to be a bit thicker, but that will come with time and a few more procedures. Nothing would discourage me from getting another hair transplant, but I’m sure cost is an issue for most people. For me it’s a worthwhile investment. In fact I intend to get another done this November!
I knew Dr. Van Eeden and knew he was a good surgeon, so I was confident he would do a good job. The clinic is perfect and very comfortable. It has all the amenities you could possibly need. It’s completely professional and I felt at ease while I was there. The day itself flies by and the team takes good care of the patient, regularly checking to make sure you are okay. I found the whole experience very efficient, friendly, down to earth and professional.
The consultations were great. Dr. Van Eden knows his stuff and is very reliable, so I fully trusted his opinions and recommendations. The consultation was a very valuable experience and very educational because you learn a lot about the whole process and so you understand everything as it happens. Dr. Van Eeden’s extensive qualifications played a part in my decision-making; it’s one of the most important factors because you want it to be a good job and to look as natural as possible with no complications.
The surgical facilities are top-class and everything is kept clean and sterile. The team is excellent. Everyone is very professional and do what they need to do to make sure the procedure goes smoothly and successfully. I always felt safe because Dr. Van Eeden keeps checking to make sure you are okay and takes any steps that need to be taken to make the whole process is as painless and stress-free as possible. The surgery flew by and it was painless. I felt at ease the whole time and was never nervous or worried at any stage. I’d say the only painful parts are the initial injections to numb the nerves in the temple, but you don’t feel anything after that. It’s a lot less painful than you expect because Dr. Van Eeden takes his time to reduce any discomfort during the whole process.
I have had both the FUT and FUE procedures. In 2010 I had 600 follicles inserted using FUT, in 2011 I had 1000 follicles using the FUE technique, and again in 2012 I had a further 2000 follicles via FUE. The FUE is the only procedure I would have done again. There is too much preparation work and post-op healing with the FUT. The FUE is much less invasive and there is no scarring; there is no comparison, FUE is far superior to the FUT.
The recovery from the FUE is fast. The donor area heals quickly and there is no discomfort sleeping on it. The area transplanted with the follicles doesn’t hurt at all, with hardly any swelling, so you heal and recover from the whole procedure over a weekend. The FUT is a lot more painful, with a large wound in the back of the head to heal, which means much more difficulty sleeping for at least a week. I was able to return to work within a week, the great after care probably helped. I was offered lots of help in relation to what to do to make the recovery painless, and to avoid damaging the transplanted follicles. Dr. Van Eeden is always available if you have any questions.
I would recommend the clinic to my friends, and in fact, upon my recommendation, my brother has had a procedure done there too!
Client, FUE & FUT Hair Transplant