Just as winter clothes are no longer suitable to wear in spring, it is important that we change our skincare and make-up with the seasons too.

Refresh and Perfect your Make-up Bag with Youngblood Mineral Cosmetics

Many people hang onto make-up items for far too long.

Sara Prue, Head of Training for Youngblood Mineral Cosmetics UK says, “There are statistics* that suggest that at any given time there are 54 items inside an average make-up collection, totalling around £512. Even more eye-opening is the statistic that says women spend £40 per week on cosmetics.

“This would suggest that the intention to try new products, update make-up bags and keep on top of trends is there. But, not everyone is going to know how to overhaul their make-up effectively when it comes to seasonal tips and tricks, and with regards to product longevity.”

So how often should you clean out your make-up bag?

Sara says, “Products need to be replaced at various times throughout the year, as they each have a different longevity after opening.

1. Our Liquid Mineral Foundation will generally last 12 months;

2. Powder products will tend to last around 24 months;

3. Mascara lasts around 6 months;

4. Lipsticks and concealers will need to be replaced after 6 months.

This all comes down to getting the best out of your products, considering that bacteria will build up naturally. There are things you can do to help prevent this though, such as:

– Using professional brushes to apply your make-up.

– Cleaning your brushes with cool, not hot water and an anti-bacterial spritzer will help.

– Use sharpeners on your pencils.

This will prevent as much bacteria building up on the product and being transferred from fingertips to product to face.”

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