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It’s not breaking news that regular exercise is good for you. It’s no surprise that it can help you lose weight, improve your mental health and energy, reduce your risk of serious illnesses and sharpen your thinking, learning and judgment. What may come as a revelation though, is that it’s never too late to start – irrespective of your age or fitness.

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it’s never too late to start

What may come as a revelation though, is that it’s never too late to start irrespective of your age or fitness. You can begin slowly, and find ways to fit more physical activity into your life as part of your body wellness regime even if you’ve never actively exercised before.


You can begin slowly and find ways to fit more physical activity into your life as part of your body wellness regime even if you’ve never actively exercised before.

The key to success is finding the motivation and setting achievable objectives. Your end goal doesn’t have to be scaling Mount Everest or winning an Olympic medal, rather finding a happy, healthy lifestyle through a sensible approach to exercise and recovery.

We work alongside one of the UK’s top athletic performance specialists Tim Exeter, who helps our clients achieve their exercise goals – be they large or small. Tim has extensive experience in performance coaching for national football and rugby teams and specialises in strength and conditioning coaching.

It’s not just about lifting weights and doing press ups, it’s about understanding how to attain your goals and why. Tim helps our clients reset their lifestyles through making better choices when it comes to nutrition, fitness and physical and mental wellbeing with tailored programmes which include:

  • Bespoke exercise plans from basic through to advanced levels
  • Appropriate Solutions – no excuses Effective, Efficient Solutions
  • Firstbeat Lifestyle Analysis for real information on your exercise, recovery and sleep
  • Nutrition – eat less and healthier this possibly come out and rest in Callum section• Recovery and Relaxation techniques and plans
  • Stress management and reduction
  • Increased energy levels and better sleep
  • Realistic step by step goal setting

Age and fitness are not barriers to success as Tim builds activity plans designed to be safe and effective based on an assessment of your lifestyle. The key is to find a balance between work, leisure time and sleep, and between activity and rest. The Lifestyle Assessment will identify the key stressors in your daily life, what helps you to recover and what the effects of your physical activity are. By making small changes, you can significantly affect your well-being, personal performance and ability to cope. Through regular contact, goal-setting and providing feedback and advice, Tim coaches and motivates clients to achieve positive results.

Whether you are looking for physical change and fitness or simply to develop the best possible version of you, get in touch and start your journey today. A lifestyle change has never been easier.

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Anne Rugby

Gills’ expertise, precision work, patience and understanding is amazing, her work is impressive – I couldn’t have asked for anything better.

Mr N Warwickshire
Mr N

I would recommend Optegra 100%. From the very first consultation to post op care I can honestly say I experienced first class service all the way. From consultant to admin, each person treated me as an individual. I found their professional manner reassuring in what for me was a life changing experience. In terms of the operation, I was informed of the process and expectations along the way. My experience was positive from start to finish

M. Gibson Eye Treatment
M. Gibson

Fantastic treatment from start to end. It had been a pleasure. I had waited for this for several years, I finally plucked up the courage to have it done and the results are phenomenal. Thank you Jonathon for changing my life for the better!

Client Breast Enlargement

I’m so happy I went to Mr Staiano for my surgery, I can’t imagine any other surgeon could have treated me better or given me better results.

JH Breast Enlargement

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There’s a lot of information contained within this website but here are the key things we feel you should know about us and the treatments we offer;

  • We create a bespoke service and experience that matches each of our clients’ needs perfectly
  • Our Clinics are friendly and relaxed and our team highly trained and experienced providing an outstanding level of client care and expertise
  • Our Clinics are recognised Centres of Excellence for a range of revolutionary treatments and we are multi-award winning too
  • All our treatments are very carefully chosen. Many use patented and FDA-cleared technology and some are also EU CE-marked treatments
  • Our clients stay with us. We’re proud to boast an impressive 97% client retention rate and our biggest source of new clients continues to be through personal recommendation

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