The soaring interest and celebrity endorsement of cosmetic treatments described as non-surgical procedures is nothing short of phenomenal. These are the treatments which don’t involve taking a scalpel to the skin and have become popular as the industry reinvents itself to meet demands. All of these techniques can achieve incredible visual results as well as boosting the self-esteem and confidence of the person on the receiving end enormously.

The procedures can quite literally change the quality of the people’s lives forever. As more and more people opt for the non-invasive treatments, and tell their friends just how happy they are, their friends in turn will see the results and will be encouraged to follow suit.

Fat reduction treatments are the new kids on the block in the non-surgical procedures. This country has a huge problem with obesity and even relatively slim people who exercise regularly have issues with specific areas of their body where fat can stubbornly remain no matter how physically active they are. Millions of people would love to get rid of their love handles, their bingo wings, the fat pads around their haunches, the swelling around the tops of their buttocks and that floppy apron over their lower belly.

People have resorted to many so-call medical machines which claim to target cellulite and promote fat production most of which are an expensive waste of time.

A revolutionary new treatment called Coolsculpting, based on scientifically proven technology which brings about non-surgical fat reduction is one of the few exceptions. Essentially it freezes fat cells in areas where fat stubbornly refuses to budge, crystallises them and allows them to be removed by the body’s immune system over the following few weeks. It is a process medically known as cryolipolysis and is FDA approved.

Results are very impressive with the fat reduction being very long-lasting if not permanent. In each treated area there is a 25-50% fat reduction over each one hour of treatment. The number of treatments will vary as it will depend on the size of the area requiring attention.

It certainly isn’t suitable for overall weight loss or fat reduction in general and of course it isn’t a substitute for a healthy lifestyle involving regular exercise and a well balanced diet. For streamlining specific stubborn areas however, it is second to none.

The main concerns with the Coolsculpting treatment from clients is that their skin will be damaged from the freezing process. The machine benefits from a built-in patented safety feature known as Freeze-detect that allows freezing of the underlying fat cells without freezing of the overlying skin. It is a trademark safety system that protects against any untoward side-effects and means the patient’s safety is guaranteed. In fact, this is the only fat-freezing machine which can boast this safety device and sets it apart from any other system and eclipses cheap imitations of its technology. Coolsculpting has never been associated with any complications due to the cooling process. That’s one of the many reasons why Coolsculpting has FDA approval.

Non-invasive treatments need to be considered by each individual in discussion with their doctor. Patients should insist on going to a registered clinic and one that will allow you to attend a consultation and inspect the premises to ensure that the clinic feels professional and is friendly.

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