Cellulite may be a harmless skin condition, but it’s also unsightly causing lumpy, dimpled flesh on the thighs, hips, buttocks, arms and abdomen resulting in a loss of confidence when wearing swimwear, shorts and sleeveless tops. We are renowned as a centre of excellence for treating cellulite using two highly effective techniques – Exilis Elite for mild to moderate cellulite and Cellfina® for heavy dimpling. Both treatments deliver excellent results for smoother dimple-free skin.

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More than 85% of women suffer from cellulite. Pregnancy, genetics, inactive lifestyles, diet, hormones and ageing all play a role in its development and it can range from a mild orange peel effect to heavy dimpling.

Cellulite treatment is classified into four stages: Stage 0 to 3

Nurnberger-Muller Cellulite Definition Scale Chart

The Nurnberger-Muller scale has been published in many papers but not many, if any, have implemented this scale in a level (1) blinded and controlled clinical trial. The reason is that there are only 4 grades of cellulite and to change from 1 grade to another would be a 25% difference based on the doctor’s perception of cellulite reduction. Please see an example of the scale below.


Stage 0

No dimpling or apparent visible alterations to the skin surface upon standing or lying down or upon pinching the skin.


Stage 1

No dimpling or apparent visible alterations to the skin surface upon standing or lying down. Dimpling appears with the pinch test or muscular contraction.


Stage 2

Dimpling appears spontaneously when standing but not when lying down. The orange peel appearance of the skin is evident to the naked eye, without need for manipulation.


Stage 3

Dimpling is spontaneously present when both standing and lying down, evident to the naked eye without need for manipulation; Orange peel skin surface appearance with raised areas and nodules.

Significant improvements are achieved and after three years an impressive 93% said they were still satisfied with their results.


Here at Air Aesthetics, we are setting the standard when it comes to cellulite reduction using the award-winning Cellfina® treatment – a non-surgical, minimally invasive procedure that doesn’t require surgery or general anaesthesia. Unlike other treatments, Cellfina® actually treats the root cause of the problem. Just one treatment and results are seen within days.

We recommend Cellfina® for cases of heavy cellulite dimpling. This is caused where fibrous septa – the strong connective bands that run under the skin pull on the skin’s surface layer, causing the surrounding fat to bulge and bubble up. This can create small depressions, or cellulite dimples, throughout the area. Cellfina® works by releasing the structural cause, the fibrous septa, so the treated skin bounces back to become smoother and dimple free. Cellfina® is the only cellulite treatment in the world to be US FDA-cleared and EU CE mark certified so you can be confident of achieving a smooth look safely.

The treatment takes less than an hour and uses a device the size of a needle to release the connective bands just under your skin. Dr Sarah Wright will identify dimples on the skin, mark them and after applying some numbing solution will use the Cellfina® handheld device to release the fibrous bands from their tethered position leaving a smooth, sculpted surface appearance.

Results in the treated areas may be seen in as little as three days and can last up to three years. Our clients have reported excellent feedback including greater social confidence, self-esteem and of course, greatly improved appearance with a smooth skin surface.

Cellfina® is the only cellulite treatment in the world to be US FDA-cleared and EU CE mark certified so you can be confident of achieving a smooth look.


For less heavily dimpled skin, we offer an alternative cellulite treatment with Exilis Elite™. Exilis Elite™ takes full-body skin tightening and fat removal to the next level. Non-invasive and highly effective, this state of the art procedure uses heat energy to break down fat deposits and tighten skin to contour the body and reduce skin laxity to give a more sculpted appearance.

Exilis Elite™ uses duo-technology – radiofrequency and ultrasound to deliver deep heat onto the skin simply by gliding the device onto the chosen area. Thermal waves shrink the targeted fat cells causing your body to become slimmer, smoother and more contoured.

To boost and accelerate the cellulite smoothing effects of the Exilis Elite treatment, we use Celltense serum. Celltense increases the density of the dermis and firms and smooths the epidermis allowing skin to resist fat pods that cause cellulite. Its results are clinically proven to be 18 times more effective than radiofrequency treatments alone.

One of the biggest advantages of Exilis Elite™ is that the treatment provides excellent results without the need for needles, scarring, bruising or invasive surgery. Exilis Elite™ is an advanced award-winning, FDA approved device for cellulite reduction that requires no recovery time so you’ll be able to return to your usual activities straight away.

Visible results are often seen after the first treatment with full results becoming apparent after 3-4 months leaving skin smoother, naturally tightened and truly radiant.


To learn more about Cellfina® or Exilis Elite™ please download our handy, free e-Book. Simply click the download link below

Let’s Recap…

Cellulite is caused by connective bands that run under the skin pulling on the surface causing the surrounding fat to bulge and creating dimples.

Air Aesthetics offers two different, highly safe and effective treatments to tackle these issues according to the severity of the problem. For heavy dimpling, the minimally invasive, non-surgical Cellfina® provides a long-lasting, sculpted result. For milder conditions, we recommend the skin tightening and smoothing effects of Exilis Elite™, a radiofrequency and Celltense serum combination treatment that leaves skin smoother, tightened and toned.

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The exact cause of cellulite is unknown; however, factors such as hormones; unhealthy diet; weight gain; lack of exercise can all affect cellulite.


The procedure takes less than an hour and relies on a small needle-sized device to treat the cellulite-causing bands just beneath the surface of the skin.


Approximately 1 hour, depending on the number of area being treated.


No serious adverse events were reported from the pivotal clinical trial. The most common side effects were soreness, tenderness, bruising and fluid accumulation and these resolved quickly. Just three days after treatment, patients rated their pain as minimal and most only felt pain when the treated area was touched or pressure applied. More than 90% had no bruising at four weeks.


Within just 2 weeks, patients reported feeling very satisfied with their results.


A single treatment can meaningfully reduce the appearance of cellulite , with results maintained at three years.

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