Recommended and trusted by skin care experts and dermatologists, Heliocare 360° is a science-driven, daily sun protection range of topical formulations and skin supplements with exclusive Fernblock® antioxidant technology that go beyond traditional sunscreen.

All Heliocare 360° topical formulations offer high-level, broad-spectrum protection against UVA and UVB rays, extending beyond sunscreen to shield the skin from visible light and infrared-A, ensuring comprehensive protection for the best daily defence against sun and daylight exposure.

Why Choose Heliocare 360°?

Known for its exclusive and clinically proven, core technology, Fernblock® , Heliocare instills confidence among practitioners, providing peace of mind when delivering advanced in-clinic treatments.

  • High-level of protection against UVA (PA++++) & UVB (SPF50+)​
  • HEVL, IR-A, and free-radical defence​ with exclusive Fernblock® antioxidant technology
  • A sunscreen for everybody and for every day​​ with unique formulas designed for various skin types, conditions, and coverage preferences

The Importance of Daily Sun Protection

woman sat on a sunny beach

Protecting your skin from the sun isn’t just for the summer or when you’re on holiday, UVA, visible light, and infrared-A are present throughout the year. Exposure to UV rays is responsible for 80% of visible skin ageing. Visible light induces dark spots and pigmentation, while infrared-A contributes to premature skin ageing.

Heliocare’s range of suncare products combats these harmful effects by combining an optimal mix of mineral and non-mineral filters (UVA + UVB). The powerful Fernblock® technology, an exclusive antioxidant, has been clinically proven to help prevent damage caused by sunlight and improve skin health. Not only that but vitamins C, E, and Green tea extract provide extra antioxidant activity, and active ingredients in their unique formulations are created for a variety of skin types. Natural plant-derived enzymes are proven to help repair nuclear and mitochondrial DNA of skin cells and prevent DNA damage.

    Beyond Sunscreen: Fernblock® Technology

    fernblock anti-oxidant sun protection

    Fernblock® is Heliocare’s unique ingredient that enhances skin protection beyond traditional sunscreens. It strengthens the skin’s daily defences against free-radical damage caused by daylight and supports the repair of DNA damage in skin cells. Fernblock® is backed by years of scientific research and has been featured in over 80 scientific publications for its multiple skin health benefits.

    Extensive studies by scientists and dermatologists have explored the use of Fernblock® as an oral supplement, highlighting its antioxidant properties and numerous skin health benefits.

    Fernblock® has also demonstrated clinical efficacy in topical formulations and is included in every Heliocare 360° sunscreen, ensuring your skin receives optimal daily defence both externally and internally.

    A Heliocare Product for Everyone, Every Day

    Shop our range of Heliocare Products now and give your skin the protection and care it deserves. If you have any questions regarding any of our products available to purchase please get in touch with us via phone on 01564 794 103 or email