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Custom-made or ‘off-the-peg’, our collection is a revelation for hair loss sufferers and will transform your confidence and your life so you can start feeling like your real self again.


Baldness and thinning hair can be the result of variety of possible causes, including alopecia, chemotherapy, stress, pregnancy, and menopause. Whatever the cause, it can affect your self-confidence and cause unwanted embarrassment.

At Air Aesthetics, we offer a bespoke service to support you on your hair recovery journey, providing expert help to find a solution to your needs whether it’s a natural looking, well-fitting wig to flatter your face, or seamlessly blended hair pieces to add volume and thickness to your own hair.

Meet Our hair replacement Specialist

We are proud to work with Neil Harvey, a tricologist and hairdresser who specialises in expertly fitted, authentic looking hair replacements to achieve results close to perfection. Wigs and hairpieces are Neil’s speciality working closely with clients to custom fit hair pieces with exact colour matching, attention to volume and texture in the style of the client’s choice to bring about transformations that instil confidence.

Now that I have my new hairpiece custom made, styled and designed for me personally – I could never go back to something ‘ready-made’. It gives me so much more confidence, I am not even aware that I am wearing anything. I don’t think of it as a wig – it’s just ‘my hair’.

Anne Rugby

Frequently Asked Questions

It’s important to ask lots of questions and fully explore all options available to you. Here are the most popular questions asked.

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How will I know whether I need a wig or hairpiece?

In many cases, a hair ‘topper’ can conceal thinning hair or areas of hair loss at the crown, hairline or top of the head. These toppers are a great option for women who do not have complete hair loss, as they can be blended seamlessly into your existing hair. Toppers are available in synthetic, heat friendly synthetic and human hair. We offer a wide variety of hairpieces that attach in different ways to disguise hair loss or thinning areas.

How do I buy a wig?

Choosing the right wig or hairpiece is critical to how you feel about the end result. Neil will work with you to help choose the correct type, assessing your needs, your colour choice, hair type and of course, style. You will be fully involved in every step of the decision-making process exploring the various pros and cons regarding maintenance, styling, longevity and price until you arrive at a mutually agreed product.

Do your wigs come pre-styled?

All of our synthetic wigs come pre-styled, but some extra ‘personalisation’ is often a good idea. All custom-made pieces are designed as close as possible to the exact density, length, style and colour of choice – and will require final cutting and styling while you are wearing the finished piece in order to perfectly blend your new hair with your face shape.

How much maintenance is involved after my wig has been fitted?

This will depend on the type of hairpiece or wig you select and the type of product it is made from – synthetic or natural hair. Neil will be able to advise you fully on maintenance and offers post-fitting salon hairdressing to keep your wig looking tip-top.

Can I sleep in my wig?

Sleeping in your wig can reduce the lifespan of your wig tremendously as the friction between the fibre and your pillow can cause matting/tangling of the hair. Neil can advise on alternative solutions to address this issue.

Should I buy more than one wig?

It’s important to have at least one wig ‘on hand’ before hair loss begins, to help alleviate fears and give you a degree of control. It is definitely a good idea to have more than one piece, which will allow you to wear one wig while washing and drying the other. Having a ‘spare’ is also a good insurance policy – in the rare event of some form of damage.

Which wigs look the most natural?

 It is important to point out that both our human hair and synthetic wigs are very high quality. It’s quality that makes the difference, no matter which type of fibre you choose. For the look of natural hair growth from the scalp, we highly recommend a monofilament wig cap and a lace front, which will give you a natural looking hair line and the ability to wear the hair (to some degree) pushed back and away from the face. A 100% hand tied wig is a premium option that is comfortable and looks like hair growing from the scalp on the entire cap. Obviously, the most natural looking piece is going to be one where the style suits your face shape and the colour suits your skin tone. We always offer a degree of ‘personalisation’ with our Elan ready- to -wear collection, but of course – the ultimate solution for long term loss is our custom-made service.

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