Safety First!!

Considering treatment?. In light of recent press revelations the government has done little to offer guidance to protect those who may be seeking non-surgical cosmetic treatments. This leaves the consumer unsure about who to choose and how to keep safe. My advise is to research thoroughly the credentials of a clinic and it’s medical practitioners before choosing and undertaking treatment.

Follow these guidelines:

1) Look for a doctor/dentist/nurse-led clinic registered with the GMC/GDC and ask how experienced the practitioner is.

2) If you are undertaking minor surgery ensure they are also a CQC registered clinic (Care Quality Commission).

2) Ensure the chosen treatment is clinically proven, ie FDA approved systems, treatments and products so you can be assured of their clinical safety and proven results.

3) Have a consultation to ensure you feel comfortable with the environment and meet the practitioner who will be treating you. Check do they regularly carry out this treatment, i.e. once a week.

4) Ask for information regarding alternative treatments and why the practitioner is recommending a specific treatment for you.

5) Ask to see visual results of the practitioners work recently carried out. If you are still not sure ask to speak to the patient who had the treatment to hear their feedback.

6) Allow yourself a 10-14 day cooling off period before you commit to treatment to ensure you digest all information for similar treatments.

7) Ensure you have a thorough medical consultation prior to treatment. Detail all medication and information irrespective of whether you feel it is relevant.

8) Post treatment follow the written after-care advise provided.

9) Post treatment if you have any questions or concerns do not hesitate to contact your practitioner for reassurance or advice.

10) Attend your results appointment. Photographs should be taken showing your before and after results. If you are not happy with the results discuss with your practitioner.

There are a wealth of industry sources available via the internet. Check out the following independent sources :
Save Face(, publish a register of clinics who subscribe, and are audited by them. Alternatively Consulting Rooms ( whose advisors verify factual information about treatments and procedures. Both sources provide a list of clinics across the UK from which you will be able to identify local clinics to you.

As a multi-awarding winning clinic Air Aesthetics offers ONLY FDA cleared treatments which means you can be confident in the safety and results of treatments. Please do not hesitate to contact us at the clinic if you have any further questions or concerns.