As the ongoing coronavirus continues to impact our daily lives, wearing masks in public places such as shops and on public transport has become the accepted norm. But, face masks can cause some less than desirable side effects when it comes to your skin.

Dr Sarah Wright, dermatology specialist at Air Aesthetics reports that rashes, breakouts, skin irritations and flare-ups are a common side-effect of having our facial skin covered.

“Masks can create a humid micro-climate in the covered area leading to an accumulation of sweat and sebum, which can result in blocked pores. They can aggravate existing skin conditions such as acne and create more inflamed spots, while severe eczema and psoriasis can also worsen.”

The good news is, there are several things you can do to prevent your face mask from causing any damage to your skin.

Dr Wright’s Top Tips to Reduce the Impact of Mask Wearing on your Skin

  • Choose a mask made of natural materials like cotton for breathability
  • Moisturise your skin properly hydrated to improve its barrier function
  • Take a break from using any harsh scrubs or chemical exfoliators to reduce irritation
  • Use breathable makeup to prevent clogging of pores under the mask

Top 5 Product recommendations for Mask Wearers

1.Switch to a Hydrating Cleanser:  The ZO dual-action Hydrating Cleanser acts both as a cleanser and moisturiser with calming benefits to help replenish moisturise in the skin as well soothing irritated and dry skin conditions.

2.Use a Calming Toner: The ZO Calming Toner, optimises the penetration of therapeutic treatments by removing impurities and stabilising the pH balance of weak skin.

3.Use a serum to give extra support to your skin: Zo Firming Serum’s mild, formulation is suitable for all skin types and sensitive skin areas to hydrate and reinforce skin health.

4. Remove dirt, oil and excess sebum: Zo Complexion Renewal Pads remove dead skin cells to prevent clogged pores and help decrease potential breakouts.

5. Invest in a skincare program: The ZO® Skin Normalizing System is a complete selection of therapeutic products for the treatment of red, sensitized skin.


Give your skin the ultimate treat by investing in a HydraFacial TM. This treatment instantly boosts hydration, protecting it from environmental factors caused by face mask wearing, leaving it revitalised and invigorated. Clinically proven to hydrate for 28 days.