Did you know our skin layers age at differing rates?

Dr Claire Oliver has a special interest in skin health. As Medical Director of the Air Aesthetics Clinics, she is passionate to show our clients how to care for their skin continually as we anatomically age. Our ration d’être is to show clients how to bank and stimulate youthful and active collagen. As a result Dr Oliver and all the team are consistently trained to the highest standards, irrespective of roles, to educate and ‘fix the foundation’ using the most advanced clinical skincare products available to medical professionals and clinics as our first port of call.

Following extensive global research she has selected highly effective, clinically proven, skincare products designed to remedy skin concerns and restore skin to it’s healthiest state.

Developed by pioneers in dermatology using the latest scientific advances and technology. The first range Dr Oliver recommends is ZO Skin Health and ZO Medical products. Created and developed by the World’s number one dermatologist Dr Zein Obagi. ZO products combine advanced skincare ingredients and delivery systems into a range of contemporary skincare products, ensuring they not only deliver the skincare results required but are easy to use as part of your daily skincare regime.

ZO is supported by the first stem cell DNA boosters and serums created by Switzerlands’ Number One Botox doctor and inventor of the Nefertiti Botox face lift, Dr Phillip Levy. The LEVY range is clinically proven to return stem cells to a more youthful state.

For those who require a more specialist remedy to a skin concern, the Obagi Skincare Treatments are without doubt the solutions. Created and developed by Dr Zein Obagi these market leaders treatment systems are renowned for delivering functional improvements to the skin.

All the skincare products and treatments are suitable for all skin types and both male and female skin.

Skin Health with ZO
Correcting hyper pigmentation and sun damaged skin
Freshen up with Skin Peels

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