Human growth hormone has become the latest fad amongst dozens of ageing celebrities in Hollywood who are desperate to look young.

Well known actors and household names are paying $240 a time to inject their bodies with chemicals they have dubbed ‘a fountain of youth in a syringe’.

The theory behind HGH is unproven but centres on the idea that hormones wane as we age and if we replace them, returning to the levels we had when we were 30 or 35, we can regain the good health and energy levels and libido we had then.

Its advocates initially claimed that it made male muscle tighter but then widened the ‘appeal’ to its age defying properties too.

More and more I am hearing that consumers are buying HGH online as it is unavailable from the majority of aesthetics clinics as an anti-ageing solution in the UK. The situation concerns me greatly. I cannot stress enough to anyone considering HGH to only use prescribed solutions from a prescribing medical professional. In addition to having no guarantee that any item purchased online is what you believe it to be it is imperative that dosage control is adhered too.

Dr Frances Prenna Jones recently featured on This Morning concluded. “It is agreed that the use of HGH (hormone replacement) in a controlled manner i.e. via a medical professional with frequent, measured blood tests will increase body muscle mass / decrease amount of fat / quality of skin / improve cognition. However if taken in excess there are side effects such as increase in water retention / diabetes / drug induced swelling of joints.”

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