Mental Wellness

Do you recognise the feeling that no matter how hard you try, you’re paddling against the current, drained not just by work but the strain of life itself? Then, you may be one of many thousands whose mental wellbeing is at risk.

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Mental wellness comes from feeling balanced, able to work productively and ready to meet life’s challenges. It influences the way you think, feel, act and relate to others.

We live in a high-pressure society where the expectation of success is the norm. But money stress, career burnout, relationship issues, lack of sleep and high stress levels can lead to a breakdown in the way you cope and react in certain situations.

You may find your thinking confused or lacking focus, you may develop excessive worries and anxieties, harbour strong feelings of anger, experience extreme highs and lows, find yourself withdrawing socially or feeling depressed – sad or irritable.

Working on your mental wellness is just like working on your fitness or diet – it needs planning, dedication and maintenance. We offer expert solutions to help you achieve mental wellness.

Unlike traditional retrospective focused therapies, leading women’s therapist and hormone health specialist Ruth Anne Adams of The Bourne House Practice offers Clinical Hypnotherapy, specific psychosensory therapies – a phased, interactive psychotherapy technique used to relieve psychological stress and anxiety and promote mental wellness. By identifying and addressing the stress inducing experiences that have overwhelmed the brain’s natural coping capacity, it allows the natural healing powers of the brain to move toward positive resolutions, for quick, successful and long-lasting results.

To complete the top-class expertise available to assist with your mental wellness, Dr Claire Oliver (BDS), offers the very best in non-surgical aesthetic treatments designed to improve your appearance ensuring you are happy and confident in the way you look, presenting the very best version of yourself.    

For the convenience, relaxation and privacy of our clients, our mental wellness services can be conducted either at our clinics or in your own home.

Body Confidence

Achieve the perfect balance between mind and body and live your best life

Body Confidence

Our expert teams offer practical advice and therapies to help you create long-lasting lifestyle changes

Exercise and Recovery

Reset your lifestyle through tailored exercise programmes designed to help you reach your goals

Exercise and Recovery

Achievable results through professionally supported personal fitness training plans


Educate and eat your way to a healthy diet for sustainable, life-changing success


Take control of your diet and influence positive nutritional strategies to help you achieve your goal

Yoga and Pilates

Re-energise your mind and body with our inspiring yoga programs

Yoga and Pilates

Take time to out to focus on yourself at one of our luxury, exclusive yoga and wellness retreats

Now that I have my new hairpiece custom made, styled and designed for me personally – I could never go back to something ‘ready-made’. It gives me so much more confidence, I am not even aware that I am wearing anything. I don’t think of it as a wig – it’s just ‘my hair’.

Anne Rugby

Gills’ expertise, precision work, patience and understanding is amazing, her work is impressive – I couldn’t have asked for anything better.

Mr N Warwickshire
Mr N

I would recommend Optegra 100%. From the very first consultation to post op care I can honestly say I experienced first class service all the way. From consultant to admin, each person treated me as an individual. I found their professional manner reassuring in what for me was a life changing experience. In terms of the operation, I was informed of the process and expectations along the way. My experience was positive from start to finish

M. Gibson Eye Treatment
M. Gibson

Fantastic treatment from start to end. It had been a pleasure. I had waited for this for several years, I finally plucked up the courage to have it done and the results are phenomenal. Thank you Jonathon for changing my life for the better!

Client Breast Enlargement

I’m so happy I went to Mr Staiano for my surgery, I can’t imagine any other surgeon could have treated me better or given me better results.

JH Breast Enlargement

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There’s a lot of information contained within this website but here are the key things we feel you should know about us and the treatments we offer;

  • We create a bespoke service and experience that matches each of our clients’ needs perfectly
  • Our Clinics are friendly and relaxed and our team highly trained and experienced providing an outstanding level of client care and expertise
  • Our Clinics are recognised Centres of Excellence for a range of revolutionary treatments and we are multi-award winning too
  • All our treatments are very carefully chosen. Many use patented and FDA-cleared technology and some are also EU CE-marked treatments
  • Our clients stay with us. We’re proud to boast an impressive 97% client retention rate and our biggest source of new clients continues to be through personal recommendation

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