We are all different thankfully, how dull life would be if we weren’t!

Many treatments are non-permanent and may need to be repeated at regular intervals. Therefore, to maintain your fabulous result you may wish to spread the cost into smaller monthly payments… it can make all the difference.

We are able to suggest a number of Payment Options for your consideration. So there are no surprises.

Contact us and we will provide you with full details.

Option A: 0% Interest Free Payment Plan

A range of flexible finance packages are available In conjunction with Braemar Finance. We will make an on-line credit application on your behalf. Most are approved within 15 minutes so you can go ahead and schedule your treatment immediately.

Option B: FacePLAN

The Air Aesthetics FACEplan is a pre-payment scheme that covers the treatments you will need in the future to help you feel great about the way you look.

After your first course of treatment, Dr Oliver will assess and explain the treatments you will need for the coming year to maintain and enhance results. It might be that you will need a wrinkle softening treatment every 4 months, perhaps some more dermal filler in 6 months and regular monthly HydraFacials.

We assess the normal cost and then divide the cost into 12 monthly interest free payments. As a thank you for becoming a FACEplan member we would like to say thank you and treat you to a complimentary anti-ageing HydraFacial.

There is no credit agreement, making FACEPlan extremely flexible because new treatments can be easily added or removed at any time. It allows for easy budgeting across the year for ideal facial maintenance and is convenient because you make the monthly payments by direct debit with a one-off joining fee of just £10.

For more information regarding the cost of our treatments and Payment Options please do not hesitate to contact us on;
0845 519 5377 or complete the Contact Us Form provided requesting details.

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