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As I have aged I am more and more conscious of my sagging eyelids. Not only do I feel they make me look older but I am also unable to wear eye makeup. Plexr eye treatment has made a dramatic improvement for me. During my consultation Dr Oliver advised that she would undertake a first treatment, allow me to see the results and then follow up with a second to deliver the final results I want. The treatment itself is straight forward, comfortable. I am over the moon with the results so far.

Treatment Conducted By Dr Claire Oliver, Plexr

Plexr Changed my Life

If I had read that on a review, I would of been very sceptical however for me, it did indeed change one aspect of my life.  I have had to live with a large T shaped scar on my chest since a childhood operation and also with a scar across my neck from another operation.  I was always very conscious of how prominent they were and aware that people would stare, making me very self conscious.   I had tried using concealing makeup but that was often very obvious and so I have spent my life in high necked clothes and scarves.  I was very interested when Claire told me about a new treatment called Plexr and by this stage I would of tried anything.  The treatment isn’t painful as a numbing cream is used.  After the first treatment I noticed a really good improvement and after the second, I could use makeup on the scars and they was invisible.  I was delighted. I have now had a third treatment and feel confident enough to buy low necked tops and open necked shirts for the first time in my life. I still have to use makeup on some part of the chest scar but hope that it will fade even more.  Many thanks to Claire for suggesting this treatment and I would have no hesitation in recommending it to others.
Gill, Plexr
Although not seriously overweight, my problem area was the tops of my arms. They wobble like jelly and have been the bain of my life, dictating my whole wardrobe. I even had a mini arm lift many years ago, to no avail as I still felt I had too much wobble left. I decided I wanted to do something about them and so spent a considerable amount of time searching and researching treatments to ensure I made an informed choice and managed my expectations. Despite this I would still describe myself as sceptical as to the results a treatment could deliver.

I had read with interest numerous articles on CoolSculpting and chose the Air Aesthetics Clinic to discuss my options. I can honestly say from the minute of walking through the door, I found the whole experience very ‘honest’, to the point that sitting here 8-weeks later, it has far surpassed anything I could have wished for. My arms measured 14.5 inches on the morning of my treatment and today they measure 12.25 – don’t believe me? Look at my pictures, which I am happy to share. I hope they can help you to know there is a treatment that works. I am seriously so happy with my unbelievable results!. Thank you CoolSculpting and thank you Air Aesthetics Clinic.

Cindy, CoolSculpting (single treatment)
The Cosmetic Surgery Guide’s editor Laura Casewell steps up to test out Exilis Elite: A revolutionary non-invasive form of treatment for the reduction and reshaping of targeted fat deposits.

“In the week after my last session at Air Aesthetics Clinic I’m astounded with the results. While I wasn’t ‘big’ to start with I can see a visible change to the tone, texture and quality of the skin across my target areas. Not only that, but I can see my body shape changing, and I notice how different I actually now look in my clothes. While it can’t be used as a weight loss tool, it can certainly help shape and tone, and I now have a tummy I can happily show off in a bikini again.With no needles, knives or down time Exilis Elite deserves the recognition it’s getting across the UK as a leading system for body contouring without surgery.”

Laura Casewell, Editor, Cosmetic Surgery Guide, Elixis Elite
Meeting Dr Claire Oliver was really a turning point for me this year. At the age of 27 being struck with adult acne really took its toll on me. Being in a job where I face people on a daily basis, just looking in the mirror was extremely difficult and my confidence was at an all time low.

Having spent hundreds and hundreds of pounds on over the counter products and being promised miracle results, meeting with countless doctors and dermatologists – no one came close to treating my acne which on a daily basis was becoming increasingly worse.

Then I met Dr Oliver at Air Aesthetics. I instantly felt at ease in her consultation because she understood what I was going through. I didn’t feel that I was being ‘sold’ the products but that she genuinely wanted to help.

I started on the ZO SkinHealth Level 1 starter kit, but have now progressed to Level 4.

I won’t lie but initially I was skeptical having been promised so much previously but this time it proved to be different.

I am now on my 13th week of treatment and the results are incredible. The acne has completely gone and the scars are quickly fading, and not only that, it contains anti ageing properties which I am starting to increasingly see the benefits of.

I feel a million times better, my confidence is restored and I’m so glad I went to Claire.

She regularly checks in on my progress and my travelling around the country makes it difficult to have face to face meetings but her care continues over the phone or via email.

I would recommend Dr Oliver and Air Aesthetics to anyone suffering in a similar way to I was.

Thank you Air Aesthetics – you literally have changed my life!!

Treatment Conducted By Dr Claire Oliver, at Air Aesthetics Clinic, Birmingham
I am delighted with the treatments that I have received from Dr Claire Oliver of Air Aesthetics. Claire genuinely cares deeply about the results that her clients achieve and overall welfare of each and every patient. I trust that Claire will recommend the treatments in which I will receive a good result and clearly manages my expectations on what is achievable with each and every product. For me, this is vital, as I have spent thousands (and thousands) over the years on various products and treatments and have probably purchased almost every eye and facial cream on the planet.

It was not until I started the Obagi Skin Care Program that Claire recommended that I began to see significant results in the appearance, texture and firmness of my skin. I am thrilled with the results from Obagi and insist that they’ve changed my life. My skin tone is clear and bright and there is no need to cover up my skin with any concealing products as I’ve been blemish-free and even toned since I started the program. True, I was a bit red and scaly at first, but who cares as the long term result has been well worth it and I would gladly start the program over from the beginning knowing the end result is so significant.

I’ve also been impressed with Claire’s approach to Botox. It’s the less is more and top up later if we need it approach, leaving less margin for error. Unlike other practitioners that I’ve used in the past, Claire knows the science behind the products and spells out what can be expected so I’m never left disappointed. I trust that in the event that something wasn’t perfect with the result, that Claire would do what it took to set it straight. That’s the kind of person she is and that’s why I wouldn’t consider having my Botox treatments at any other place other than Air Aesthetics.

Lately, my hands have been my focus. As I’ve aged (I’m 48), I’ve noticed less volume and softness, with the bones and veins seeming more prominent. It began to really bother me and Claire suggested the Juvederm Hydrate treatment that is injected just under the skin and acts by increasing in volume, leaving the skin soft, supple and really, really, lovely. My hands haven’t looked this beautiful in many years and the result is a completely natural look, not over done in any way.

Since Claire takes the time to know her clients, I feel that she keeps her eyes open for the products and treatments that would suit me best. For the most part, she tries all the products herself first and then decides if she feels the results are significant enough to pass along to her clients. For the hand treatment I had recently, she showed me her one hand that had been treated and compared it to her other hand that she left untreated. This really helped me with my decision. It’s the experiences she has had with the various products and treatments that help me make my decisions about what I’d like for myself…like a sister that tests out everything for you and tells you the in’s and out’s making sure you take the best path forward for yourself.

It’s with great pleasure that I recommend Dr Claire Oliver and I’m sure you’ll be pleased with the treatments and product information you receive as well as care, concern and support you can expect!

Lilian, Obagi Skincare & Botox
My cosmetic journey with Air Aesthetics Clinic

Hi, my name is Jayne Meehan and I am writing to tell you about my unique skin care program. I have been a patient of Dr. Claire Oliver for almost eight months now and would like to share my cosmetic journey with you!

It started in June last year when I was feeling particularly miserable with my mirror image. I was fast approaching my 45th birthday and my frown and nose to mouth lines were worsening. In addition, my face looked ‘drawn’ and the quality of my skin seemed poor – grey and dull looking.

I had researched a number of local aesthetic practitioners but decided to visit Dr. Claire Oliver as I had been admiring some facial rejuvenation work she did for one of my friends.

Back then, my nose to mouth lines were upsetting me considerably and I decided that this was the first problem area I wanted to address. I must admit, I was a little anxious but Dr. Claire Oliver alleviated my fears with her professional and reassuring approach.

Claire recommended a Dermal Filler called Juvederm to soften these deep folds. I found the procedure relatively quick and painless, the excitement of how my appearance would change at the forefront of my mind! I was not disappointed – in fact I was totally amazed at the change! The lines had almost faded completely – this made a huge and instant difference to the way I looked. The after effects of Juvederm were minimal: some slight swelling, only to be expected, but this went away within a few days. Dr Claire Oliver informed me that the filler would last at least 12 months, possibly longer – at which time I would need to repeat the treatment in order to maintain the results.

A few months later, I finally decided to take the plunge and have Anti-Wrinkle Injections to soften my frown lines. Again I was a little anxious and asked Dr. Claire Oliver lots of questions. Is it dangerous? Can it travel away from the muscle and harm me? How much is injected, etc. What I learnt was very reassuring – especially the knowledge that the amount injected is so tiny –compared to say, the amount used to treat a child with cerebral palsy – it really did seem unnecessary to worry. Like me, many people are worried about how they may feel after Anti-Wrinkle Injections: will I feel frozen? Will it feel strange? Actually, for me, it did not feel odd at all, just a little different at first. But even this wears off to the point where you just don’t notice any change – with the exception of your appearance. It was so exciting to wake up every day and notice a smoother complexion – the lines softening and eventually, for me, disappearing. The Anti-Wrinkle Injections lasted around three to four months and I have since repeated it twice, the result improving and lasting even longer with each treatment

I then decided to address the problem of my sunken cheeks. I had lost a lot of weight in my face and felt like I looked constantly tired and drawn even when I wasn’t. Claire recommended a product called Juvederm Voluma for this. This had been part of the initial treatment plan Dr. Claire Oliver had prescribed for me during my first consultation with her. All I can say is: WOW! And that’s an understatement; I really could not believe the difference! It looked similar to a very good facelift, nothing artificial – just tighter, firmer skin. I really did look more radiant and youthful! I can highly recommend this treatment.

Jayne Meehan, Juvederm & Anti-Wrinkle Injections
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