A platelet rich plasma treatment, (PRP) or ‘Vampire Face Lift’ as dubbed by the Media, is not nearly as scary as it sounds.

Widely viewed as a revolutionary skin regeneration treatment, PRP has very few rivals in the aesthetics industry fast becoming a go-to treatment to generate a healthy, naturally glowing complexion.

Using revolutionary scientific technology, this incredible method of skin regeneration has very few rivals in the aesthetic industry. For a healthy, naturally glowing complexion, a platelet rich plasma treatment is your go-to.

By concentrating ingredients found in your own haemoglobin – such as the blood’s stem cells, growth factors and platelets – and injecting them back into your skin, PRP can plump, smooth and restore problem areas, such as hollowing, wrinkles and scars. Small injections deposit your natural regenerative cells back into the skin to repair damage, and are particularly transformative around the eyes, neck, decolletage and hands.

Dr Sarah Wright recommends a course of three PRP treatments to optimise subtle yet noticeable results with long lasting results of up to two years.

Platelet rich plasma treatments are also effective in restoring hair growth. The treatment works via DNA repair and provides an improved blood supply to damaged areas of the skin, to help promote new collagen formation and in turn regenerates hair follicles. Dr Sarah Wright comments “One of the most revolutionary ways to address hair loss experienced by both women and men – results are life changing for many of my clients.”

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Frequently Asked Questions

Once injected into your skin, these substances will accelerate the normal healing process and reverse damage via DNA repair improved blood supply and new collagen formation, giving long-lasting rejuvenation. This natural treatment is administered by small injections to the face, around the eyes, neck, décolletage or hands to plump lackluster skin, smooth wrinkles, replace volume and heal scars. When injected into the scalp it promotes hair regrowth. It can also be used in conjunction with Medical Skin Needling to give extra collagen stimulation.

Everyone reacts differently but generally the treated area can be bruised and swollen for 24-72 hours, so a couple of days of social downtime can help.

Depending on skin health and age, 2-4 treatments may be required and results generally last up to 2 years, although and annual top-up generally maintains results. We think the results are beautiful yet subtle and well worth the effort. We particularly recommend this treatment as a healthy, natural looking longer term solution.

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