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You may find that help with financing your treatment plan can make all the difference and at Air Aesthetics we’re able to help.


You may find that help with financing your treatment plan can make all the difference. Many aesthetic treatments are non-permanent and may need to be repeated at regular intervals. To maintain your WOW results you may wish to spread the cost into smaller monthly payments… it can make all the difference.


Plan and spread the cost of your regular treatments with FacePLAN.
The Air Aesthetics FacePLAN is a pre-payment scheme that covers the aesthetics treatments you will need in the future to help you feel great about the way you look right now.

After your first course of treatment Dr Oliver will assess and explain the treatments you will need for the coming year to maintain and enhance results. It might be that you will need a wrinkle softening treatment every four months, perhaps some more dermal filler in six months or regular monthly HydraFacialsTM.

We assess the cost and then divide the cost into 12 monthly interest free payments. As a thank you for becoming a FacePLAN member we like to say ‘thank you’ and treat you to a complimentary anti-ageing HydraFacialTM.

There is no credit agreement making FacePLAN extremely flexible because new treatments can be easily added or removed at any time. It allows for easy budgeting across the year making it ideal for facial maintenance and is convenient because you make the monthly payments by Direct Debit with a one-off joining fee of just £10.

For more information regarding the cost of our treatments and available Payment Options please do not hesitate to contact us on 0845 519 5377 or click here. You can also complete our Contact Us form below by providing the requested details.

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There’s a lot of information contained within this website but here are the key things we feel you should know about us and the treatments we offer;

  • We create a bespoke service and experience that matches each of our clients’ needs perfectly
  • Our Clinics are friendly and relaxed and our team highly trained and experienced providing an outstanding level of client care and expertise
  • Our Clinics are recognised Centres of Excellence for a range of revolutionary treatments and we are multi-award winning too
  • All our treatments are very carefully chosen. Many use patented and FDA-cleared technology and some are also EU CE-marked treatments
  • Our clients stay with us. We’re proud to boast an impressive 97% client retention rate and our biggest source of new clients continues to be through personal recommendation

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