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Thought about having Botox or fillers but felt worried about looking unnatural? Dr Claire Oliver has always believed in a natural look to ageing with injectibles.  

“Will I still be able to move my face?”, is the most frequent question I am asked by first time clients, as I begin administering their first Botox and dermal filler. This is their biggest worry because frozen faces are frequently seen on TV and social media. 

As a life long advocate of natural beauty and aesthetic treatments, the idea of having excess injectables as an anti-ageing treatment is totally inconceivable to me. Client requests to look like their favourite celebrity   needs to be managed or unskilled practitioners administering excessive amounts is avoidable, if a thorough consultation and research into the clinic and their experience is conducted. 

For many men as well as women, as they enter their late thirties they realised the lines on my face do not reflect how they feel: brow lines become deeply etched so you appear to look like you are constantly frowning. For many it has a negative impact on how they see themselves so they decided to give Botox and dermal fillers a try to see what difference it would make. 

A combination of a small amount of filler to smooth over deep wrinkles and Botox to keep those muscles apart will make a difference.  The results are visible within a week: eyes look wider and clients no longer look like they are constantly frowning. 

Cheek filler enhancement
Cheek filler enhancement

Lip filler enhancement
Lip filler enhancement

Here are a few other things about Botox and dermal fillers:

  • The positive benefit about this procedure is that it can look so natural people barely notice it. My objective is to treat so not a single friend or family member can tell you have had anything done unless you  point it out – all they will see is you look really well with a brighter, fresher face.  
  • The results of the Botox generally lasts three months, regular treatment will elongate the effect as the muscle contraction is much softer. Most Dermal fillers can last minimum of twelve months.
  • The procedure doesn’t hurt as anesthetic cream is applied. Top-up (which is a standard practice a few weeks later to assess results and make any additional tweaks) rarely requires any topical anesthetic and it if felt at all it is just a mild sensation. 
  • Vigorous exercise is to be avoided for 24 hours after the treatment in order to not disturb the Botox or filler. 
  • Target problem spots only and leave the rest avoid an overall fake or frozen look. 

TV and social media have bombarded us with images of screen stars looking over done and artificial and consequently the general misconception is that any injectable treatment will leave us looking the same. It doesn’t have to be so. 

Visit a clinic with a good reputation and ensure your Botox or filler is adminstered by a medical professional, such a nurse or doctor with experience. The team at Air Aesthetics knows that real women want to look natural and normal and just a great version of themselves.

Chin filler enhancement by Dr Claire Oliver
Chin filler enhancement by Dr Claire Oliver

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If you want advice about having Botox or dermal fillers for the first time, contact the Air Aesthetic clinic for a complimentary non-surgical treatment consultation.