Curious about cosmetic procedures? Discover what it’s really like to have one with our first-hand account of JUVÉDERM® filler treatment.

Do you have questions about facial fillers? Whether you’re clued up and planning a consultation or merely curious to know more, this is a real talking point in beauty right now. Women want to know what fillers are, what they can do and, of course, what it’s really like to have treatment. For help answering the first two questions, visit to discover more about formulas, treatment types and the results you can expect from every JUVÉDERM® product. As for the experience of having fillers, nothing could be more enlightening than a first-hand account from a woman who has had treatment herself.

Read on to discover Carol’s JUVÉDERM® journey…


Carol Dunbar, 53, has been having facial fillers for eight years.

“When I was 45 I started to notice a loss of volume in my face; I was looking tired and the glow of youth had disappeared. Some of my friends who are slightly older than me had already been using JUVÉDERM® filler so I was able to see their results and I liked what I saw. It’s important to have a very experienced medical practitioner doing the treatment, so I thought about it for two or three months, then I got a recommendation of the St John Clinic in Richmond, London. Now I have it done every 18 months.

The Consultation

On my first visit I had a very obvious frown line, which really bothered me, so that was my main concern initially, along with nose-to-mouth lines. The treatment is very clever and there’s a bit of artistry involved. You think they would inject into the lines themselves but actually my practitioner explained that for nose-to-mouth lines she would inject into the cheek area, which gives a natural lift and diminishes the lines that
way. It’s very subtle.

The Treatment

On the day of treatment, I remove my make-up before I go in or they can clean it off at the clinic. I hold a little ice pack on my face for a few minutes to minimize bruising, then she administers the JUVÉDERM® injection. I was concerned initially – I thought, is it going to hurt? But because the injection has a local anaesthetic you feel a little pinprick and then that’s it. It’s all done in 20 minutes then I go on the train home and can see an immediate difference, I look fuller and more youthful.

The Aftercare

There can be some bruising or swelling but it is minimal. I wouldn’t wear make-up for 24 hours, just do a very gentle cleanse in the evening and don’t touch my face a lot, but other than that I just carry on as normal. It’s no big deal to me now, the first time you go it is because it’s all very new, but the medical practitioner can answer all your questions. If a friend was thinking about having filler I’d say consider where you want it
and if you can benefit from it. If she could benefit then I’d be all for it, I would highly recommend it.


What’s in JUVÉDERM filler?

JUVÉDERM® facial fillers are made with hyaluronic acid, a substance that occurs naturally within our bodies but diminishes as we age. Depending on the product used and treatment plan, JUVÉDERM® facial fillers can lift, smooth, add subtle volume and refresh the texture of skin.


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