There was a time when a shave, a splash of cologne and a quick comb of the hair was considered a perfectly acceptable male grooming routine. Those days are long gone. Male grooming is one of the fastest growing sectors of the global beauty industry as men seek ways to enhance their appearance through improved personal grooming and face and body treatments. Hair styling has been joined by beard styling. Skincare has taken on a whole new meaning, and when it comes to body beautiful – the sky’s the limit.

Enhancing masculine features

Today, many men are turning to advanced products and non-surgical aesthetic treatments to help them achieve their personal grooming goals – guaranteeing they look and feel their best.

Dr Claire Oliver, Medical Director at Air Aesthetics comments,
“The current trend for men is to emphasise their masculine features without changing their dynamic facial expressions through the use of male grooming products. With the work place becoming increasingly competitive men are looking for treatments to help them look less tired, more alert and give them that edge. Some of the most commonly requested treatments for men are reducing lines and wrinkles, a sharper jawline, and a more prominent, strong chin. Men are also in favour of limiting their downtime post treatment which lends well to non- invasive treatments – it’s all about presenting the very best version of themselves to the world with minimal intervention.”

Top 5 Male Grooming Aesthetic Treatments

Even toned, fit men can find it impossible to lose stubborn pockets of fat in order to create the contoured physique they want. That’s where CoolSculpting® comes in. CoolSculpting®, the world’s number one body sculpting treatment, works to reduce the actual number of fat cells in specific areas of the body. CoolSculpting® permanently reduces fat with minimal downtime or risk of complications.

HydraFacial™ is the world’s number one clinical facial treatment and is proven by the FDA (US Food and Drug Administration) to improve the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, congested and enlarged pores, oily or acne-prone skin, hyperpigmentation and brown spots. With Air Aesthetics signature treatment ‘Skincare Solutions for Men’- we can improve the appearance of your skin with a combination of HydraFacial and bespoke skin care solutions for conditions including redness, open pores and sensitivity to restore your skin to its natural best.

Ultherapy ®
Ultherapy ® represents the gold standard when it comes to non-surgical facelifts. An innovative, skin-lifting treatment, Ultherapy® works at the skin’s foundational layer, gradually lifting skin and minimising laxity. Typical male treatment areas are brows, cheek area, jawline and neck giving you that fresh, chiselled appearance.

Muscle Relaxing Injections
Male clients at Air Aesthetics have discovered the age-eliminating benefits of muscle-relaxing injections such as Anti-Wrinkle injections which smooth out facial expression lines including frown and forehead lines as well as crow’s feet. With no downtime needed, you’ll be able to get on with your day straight away.

Facial Fillers
Dermal facial fillers safely and effectively solve ageing concerns by smoothing, plumping and filling any deep lines, wrinkles and folds on the face. They are a fast and highly effective way to straighten the profile of your nose, make it slimmer and more refined, as well as improving the appearance of the chin to create a more symmetrical facial shape.

Finally, no self-respecting male grooming routine should be without its daily skincare regimen to underpin aesthetic treatments. Dr Sarah Wright, dermatology specialist at Air Aesthetics Clinics recommends working with a reputable aesthetics clinic who can assess your needs and propose a bespoke skincare package for you.

Sarah’s skincare range of choice is ZO Skin Health from world renowned Dr Zein Obagi. Highly effective and clinically proven, ZO skincare products are developed by pioneers in dermatology using the latest scientific advances and technology activating, awaking, nourishing and protecting skin cells from environmental damage without irritating side effects. Air Aesthetics offer a variety of ZO skincare packages designed especially for male skincare needs.

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