At Air Aesthetic Clinic our philosophy is ‘Real Women, Real Results’. With regular frequency we are receiving ‘Real Men’ to the clinic searching for ‘Real Results’.

Led by Dr Claire Oliver we listen to our clients and guide them to enhance their natural appearances yet remaining true to themselves.

As a consequence we offer a very specific range of treatments and products which are clinically proven to be the best in their class. Each are the most revolutionary available in their field and all are FDA cleared (US Food & Drug Administration) ensuring their safety and effectiveness so you can be confident you will experience a noticeable result.

Keeping in shape, for both men and women, as we age can be testing and many of our clients express their dissatisfaction with their body shape. We understand and are able to offer a non-invasive solution to Liposuction called CoolSculpting.

CoolSculpting is the ONLY non-invasive, permanent fat reduction treatment in the world using Cryolipolysis technology.  Commonly known at ‘fat freezing’. The results are amazing.

The Air Aesthetics Clinics are a recognised Centre of Excellence for non-invasive fat reduction. We know our results will restore body confidence allowing you to be the man and woman you really are.

Permanent Hair Removal
Permanent Fat Reduction with CoolSculpting

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