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It’s true that many of the more intimate issues associated with childbirth, the menopause and ageing can be difficult to talk about, but rather than just “getting on with it” ThermiVa allows you to start living – and loving – life to the full again.

ThermiVa offers non-invasive vaginal rejuvenation to ease issues that many women suffer from in silence, including dryness, laxity and urinary incontinence. It uses break-through radiofrequency to swiftly target and tighten muscles safely and effectively. During the procedure a specially-designed, S-shaped hand-piece gently heats tissue to target and tighten the muscles – there’s no need for painful surgery, no discomfort and no downtime whatsoever.

Treatments are carried out by Miss Poonam Pradhan, renowned Consultant Obstetrician and Gynaecologist at Heartlands and Solihull Hospitals, Spire Healthcare and MUMS Clinic (Midlands Ultrasound and Medical Services) in Solihull. She specialises in trans-vaginal scanning for the detection of gynaecological problems including cancers, and laparoscopy, hysterectomy and vaginal repair surgery

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Frequently Asked Questions

Each treatment can be as short as 20 minutes and three sessions, spaced four-six weeks apart, are recommended to give you the best result.

The effects can last from nine months to two years and the majority of woman will need one treatment per year for maintenance.

While there is the possibility of mild cramping for up to 24-48 hours, the majority of patients are able to resume normal physical and sexual activity immediately – ensuring you not only regain quality of life but also the quality of your relationships.

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