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The latest newsletter from The Safety in Beauty Campaign came with a stark reminder that whilst clinics such as ourselves at Air Aesthetics are doing everything possible to ensure the highest quality and standard of treatment provided for our clients is as safe as can be, not all treatments are created equal. Are you doing everything you can to ensure your chosen practitioner is safe and suitable?

The following is the latest update and statement from the Safety in Beauty Campaign, reminding us of the hard work that has gone into raising awareness and standards within the aesthetics treatments industry:

Is Your Face in the Right Hands?

The Botched Beauty Crisis continues into 2018

A busy start to 2018 follows a successful end to 2017 for The Safety in Beauty Campaign

2017 was a record year for the Safety in Beauty Campaign. We audited over 1,249 complaints from members of the public regarding dubious practitioners, substandard cosmetic dermal filler experiences, unsuitable and unsafe premises, misleading advertising and botched cosmetic and aesthetic procedures.

The year ended with an explosive piece of investigative journalism in the Daily Mail about rogue beauticians offering invasive treatments, concluding a year of high profile press stories around our campaign and it’s hard work. The article features Safety in Beauty figures highlighting what has been our record year of complaints.

A Panel We’re Proud Of

As 2018 began, Safety in Beauty announced their new advisory panel consisting of leading members of the beauty and aesthetics industry, including TV doctor, Dr Hilary Jones. The campaign was also delighted to welcome footballer Colin Hendry’s daughter, Reagan Hendry whose mother tragically died during a liposuction procedure, as a member of the public victim support panel.

Leading Medical Negligence Solicitor Mandy Luckman has also become an honorary patron of the campaign due to her tireless work and commitment to patient and public safety since its inception.

Mandy says she’s delighted to have been asked and that it’s an honour to continue protecting and safeguarding the public and giving them a voice.

Continued Support to Victims 

The Safety in Beauty campaign continues to offer support from volunteers to victims of substandard procedures, harmful products and unsafe devices. We’re the only organisation doing so in the UK.

“We’ve just set out our annual objectives and aim to offer more rigorous support by setting up walk in support centres around the UK. These will appear in clinics, salons and spas to provide instant support to an increasing number of people”  says Campaign Founder, Antonia Mariconda

Fourth Annual Diamond Awards

This year, the campaign’s  annual awards ceremony will be held in London at the luxury 5 star ballroom of The Montcalm Marble Arch Hotel on July the 7th,.

Real people will hand out awards that have themselves experienced the bad side of the industry. We’ll hear stories of courage, transformation and remarkable recovery as they award their well-deserved diamonds in the trade.

The event will embrace a new colourful theme as we launch the inaugural Rainbow Gala Ball, in association with London PRIDE event, the glittering gala will be attended by members of the combined spa, beauty and aesthetic industry, the press and celebrity supporters.

Campaign Founder Antonia Mariconda, is hopeful of 2018 being a significant year in which many landmark changes and landmark law cases will emerge and remains hopeful that “Together, through the united colours of the aesthetic and beauty industry we will make the UK a safer place for beauty and cosmetic procedures”. 

About The Safety in Beauty Campaign

Launched in October 2013 by Antonia Mariconda, a body image counsellor and published author,

The Safety in Beauty Campaign was a direct response to the growing dissatisfaction and devastation caused by dubious treatments, thus formed by a group of like-minded professionals and experts.

The Safety in Beauty campaign seeks to:
  • Help, educate and empower consumers,
  • Facilitate a better, safer, more transparent industry
  • Give peace of mind to everyone seeking to improve their looks, and guide a safe pathway to achieve this.

Assist a member of the public by allowing them limited FREE access to emotional, legal and medical advice and support.The campaign also works closely with the press and media to raise awareness of the malpractice within the beauty and aesthetic industry.

For case studies of botched beauty or cosmetic treatments, interviews, quotes or opinions with expert campaign professionals: please contact us