As many of you know combating the signs of ageing on you face can be hard and makes many of you consider ways of banishing those wrinkles. One of the most popular forms of anti-ageing treatments on the market are anti wrinkle injections such as Botox. Anti wrinkle injections are a non-surgical cosmetic injectable that aim to vastly improve the look of already visible signs of ageing, whilst also providing patients with a protective barrier against the formation of further wrinkles in the skin. These injections have had a huge impact on popular culture in the past decade. It is argued by many to be the catalyst in the changing opinion of cosmetic treatment. With well-known celebrities of all ages including Courtney Cox and Kim Kardashian championing the injectable it’s no wonder the anti-ageing treatment has grown so much in popularity. The treatment works as an effective solution to wrinkles as it restricts the mobility of the facial muscles in which it is injected into. This works as a solution to the signs of ageing as it prevents patients from overusing their facial muscles, which can often result in creases to the skin.

There are many reasons why millions of patients worldwide choose anti wrinkle injections to combat the signs of ageing. One reason is that it is a quick and easy treatment. It can be performed in 30 minutes and requires minimal recovery time, making it the perfect anti-ageing treatment for those patients with busy lifestyles. Another reason is that it provides patients with not only the improved results to their present signs of ageing , but also prevents the formation of further lines and wrinkles. Anti wrinkle injections can also be used in conjunction with other non-surgical facial rejuvenation treatments such as dermal fillers. You should always have a detailed consultation prior to any anti wrinkle injection treatment which should always include a full medical history.

Key questions you should be asking……

What is involved in the anti wrinkle injection procedure? You should be told what to expect before, during and after the visit. Any special precautions you need to undertake and the follow up care to be given.

How long have you been doing the treatment? It is important to receive the treatment from a fully trained and experienced practitioner.

What results can I expect from the anti wrinkle injections? You want someone to give you realistic expectations for the treatment and not over inflate the expected results.

How long is the recovery time? Normally the swelling and redness will go down after 30 minutes.

What product will you be using? Ensure that the products the practitioner is using are FDA cleared.